Elvis is a minor character in Cars.


"Decked out in gold wheels and mirrored sunglasses, this pompadour-packing party machine heads up the Elvis RV club. Wherever there's a racin', you'll find Elvis a movin' and a shakin'!!"[1]

Elvis is an RV that is decked in Elvis sequins and sunglasses. His only line in the film is "Uh", which is actually part of Sheryl Crow's song "Real Gone". He is first seen with other RVs in the center of the Motor Speedway of the South circuit. He later appears attending the Los Angeles International Speedway race, next to Todd.


  • According to Car Finder, Elvis is a Pompadour Camper 1429 C.I. V-8.
  • Elvis is a parody of the famous singer Elvis Presley.




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