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Marlin: "Okay, Crush. Listen, I need to get to the East Australian Current. EAC?"
Crush: "Ha, ha, ha! Dude, you're ridin' it, dude!"
Marlin and Crush

The East Australian Current is where Marlin and Dory meet Crush, Squirt, and other sea turtles on their way to find Nemo. Some of the animals that travel within the current include sea turtles, tunas, groupers (whose voices sound like Mickey Mouse), swordfish, lobsters, dolphins, and albatrosses (above the water).

The EAC returns in Finding Dory, where Dory, Marlin, and Nemo take it again with Crush and Squirt's help in order to go to the Marine Life Institute, located all the way in California. However, Marlin is "totally sick" from their travels.

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