Dynaguy's NSA file.

Dynaguy is a character in The Incredibles.

The Incredibles

Dynaguy was a superhero whose power was the ability to shoot disintegration rays, disrupting atomic forces among atoms. He was also able to fly courtesy of "Ion Propulsion" rockets on his forearms. Dynaguy was known for being impulsive and reckless, being put under an NSA meditation regimen as a result. He came up with his name shortly after discovering his powers, whilst sitting in a local diner he considered many different names, struggling to find one "Dynamic" enough before realizing he could take the word "Diner" and "Guy" to create "Dynaguy".

Unfortunately, Dynaguy was one of the first Supers sued (for public endangerment) following the Mr. Incredible lawsuits.

He was one of several supers who died due to a "Suit Malfunction", being killed when his cape snagged the ground during one of his takeoffs. Following Dynaguy's death, Gazerbeam replaced him as leader of the Thrilling Three.

He was only seen alive as one of the attendees of Bob and Helen's wedding, along with Edna Mode, Gazerbeam, Rick Dicker, Stratogale, Meta Man, and Thunderhead.

Incredibles 2

Much like in the original film, Dynaguy isn't seen physically, but he makes a non-physical cameo during one of Winston Deavor's flashbacks. In said flashback, Winston reveals that his father financied a statue of Dynaguy to be erected in Dynaguy's memory after his death.