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Performer: Dee Bradley Baker
Appeared in: Toy Story

Ducky, also known as Duck Man, is a supporting character in Toy Story.

Toy Story

Ducky is a duck head PEZ dispenser atop a baby doll torso with a plunger base. When Woody and the mutant toys plan their rescue mission, Ducky goes with Legs into the heating duct and helps her navigate through the shaft. Once in their destination, Legs lowers Ducky through the porch light to ring the doorbell to signal the Frog, and then drops to the ground. Hannah opens the door, but doesn't notice him. When Scud chases the Frog out the door, Ducky catches it and Legs pulls them up to safety, while Scud, having bumped into Hannah, gets locked out by her so the other toys can safely get outside.

Behind the Scenes

Late in production, Ducky was going to have drawn on "tattoos." These were deemed inappropriate, and scrapped in the final film. The concept was somewhat revisited with Big Baby.

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