"Up on the shelf, can you hear me? Great!"
Woody checks to see if the toys on the desk can hear him

Dolly, Duckie, and Teddy are three of Molly's toys that appear on Andy's desk during Woody's staff meeting (nodding that they can hear him) in Toy Story. Dolly is a rag doll, Duckie is a rubber ducky, and Teddy is a pink teddy bear.

During the second part of the Toy Story Treats video Green Army Man Chants, Dolly appears watching the Green Army Men march. But when she waves at the soldiers, the first soldier gets distracted and stops. To Dolly's dismay, this causes the rest of the Green Army Men to fall over like dominoes.

In an outtake for Toy Story 2, Duckie was seen as one of the accessories Mrs. Potato Head packed for Mr. Potato Head.

It is unknown what happened to these toys after the first film, as they aren't seen in Toy Story 2, so it is presumed that they were either donated, given away, sold, or thrown away shortly after Toy Story. It is also possible that they were lost or left at the old house during the move. However it is likely that they could have been in Molly's Room (as they are her toys), and the fact that Duckie appears in a outtake for Toy Story 2 (as mentioned above). 


  • Dolly is very similar in design to the Sunny Miami and Sunny Atlantis girls in Knick Knack.
  • Hannah had a doll similar to Dolly that was wrecked by Sid.
  • Teddy is similar to Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear in design. This led some fans to believe that he was an early incarnation of Lotso from Toy Story 3, since he was already planned for Toy Story. And Lee Unkrich also says in the Blu-ray Combo Pack/DVD of Toy Story 2's "Meet the Characters of Toy Story 3" that there is an early version of Lotso there, referring to Teddy.
  • Teddy

    Teddy's cameo in Toy Story 2 on the Al's Toy Barn commercial

    Another Teddy can also be seen in Al's Toy Barn in Toy Story 2, so this is might of been where Ms. Davis bought Teddy for Molly. 
  • The Mother Duck is a toy similar to Duckie that appears in Toy Story 2: The Video Game. She gives Buzz a mission in the Alleys and Gullies level to find her five missing baby ducks.

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