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Disney•Pixar Annuals is a series of annuals released in the United Kingdom by Egmont UK Limited. In 2010 it was renamed the Disney Annual.


Note: This list is incomplete.

Disney•Pixar Annual 2005

Monsters Inc.

  • Story: Celebrity Mike
  • Game: Roar score
  • Make and Do: Make a monster
  • Game: Spot the difference
  • Coloring time
  • Story: Personal taste
  • Game: Sock Alert
  • Game: Hiding Randall

Jessie's Jokes

Finding Nemo

  • Story: Back to front
  • Game: Puzzle time
  • Make and Do: Dory's whale friend
  • Game: Eye-spy
  • Game: Bruce's bite
  • Story: The new teacher
  • Coloring time
  • Game: Deep-sea shadows
  • Color Dory
  • Game: Spot the difference
  • Game: Grab shell, dude!

True or False?

A Bug's Life

  • Story: Problem solved
  • Game: Bug talk
  • Coloring time
  • Game: Heimlich's hunt
  • Story: Food fight

Mike's comedy club

Toy Story and Beyond

  • Story: The silent search
  • Game: Best buddies
  • Coloring time
  • Game: Toy teasers
  • Game: Ready, set, go!
  • Game: Alien encounter
  • Game: Woody's roundup
  • Story: Building team
  • Make and Do: Space defender
  • Game: Zurg zone
  • Game: Red alert

Who are you?

Disney•Pixar Annual 2007


  • Story: Doc's dare
  • Game: Speedy shadows
  • Game: Pulling puzzle
  • Cool Colors
  • Game: Racing route
  • Game: Mater's mischief
  • Game: Pick a pattern
  • Story: The big race
  • Make and Do: Cool cup
  • Coloring fun
  • Game: Close-up McQueen

Finding Nemo

  • Story: Fishy funfair
  • Color Crush
  • Make and Do: Pearl finger-puppet
  • Game: Crab questions
  • Game: Tank teaser
  • Game: Find the fish
  • Story: The big bully
  • Coloring time: Shade the shark
  • Game: Nemo's jigsaws

The Incredibles

  • Game: Incredible battle
  • Vanishing Violet
  • Game: Super close-ups
  • Color challenge
  • Story: A super slice
  • Story: Dash's dash

Monsters Inc.

  • Story: Mike's bright idea
  • Game: Canister count
  • Game: Monster mix-up
  • Make and Do: Sulley sign
  • Game: Puzzle page
  • Coloring Time: Little monsters
  • Game: Which door?

Toy Story and Beyond

  • Story: Super Slinky
  • Game: Let's dance!
  • Game: Next in line
  • Coloring Time: Draw the dog
  • Game: Forward march
  • Game: Toy teasers
  • Game: Rex's race

Quick questions

Disney•Pixar Annual 2008



Finding Nemo

The Incredibles

Monsters Inc.

Toy Story and Beyond

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