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Defib bot wall•e
Appeared in: WALL•E

03: D-FIB is a defibilatorbot in WALL•E aboard the Axiom. The meaning of the acronym is unknown, but it is meant to found like "defib".


None of these bots (save for the reject) are seen, but their likely purpose is to revive passengers that have suffered heart attacks. The reject D-FIB appears to have too much charge in her paddles, shown when she shocks a test dummy and sets it on fire. She is freed from the Repair Ward by WALL•E and helps to fight the SECUR-T bots by frying them with her overcharged paddles.

Other Appearances

  • D-FIB also appears in the WALL•E: The Video Game where she unlocks security doors (with an image of her) for WALL•E.


  • D-FIB is also shown to have a broken arm (due to the way it hangs down).
  • According to the film and the video game, the only word she says (and can say) is "clear".

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