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Performer: Elizabeth Perkins
Appeared in: Finding Nemo

Coral is a minor character in Finding Nemo.

Finding Nemo

In Finding Nemo, Coral was Marlin's wife and Nemo's mother. She was shown at the beginning of the movie, and she and Marlin swam down to their sea anemone where there were hundreds of baby eggs. Marlin then decided to name half the kids Marlin, Jr. and the other half Coral, Jr. However, Coral says that she likes Nemo, so Marlin says that he'll only name one egg "Nemo." When Coral wondered why Marlin was looking at her the way he did, Marlin told Coral how they first met and made Coral laugh so hard that she tried to get away from Marlin by swimming out of the anemone. When Marlin swam out after her, he saw Coral staring at a barracuda, then told her to get back into the house. Despite Marlin's attempts to get her to go inside their home, she rushed down to protect the children, and the barracuda went after her. Marlin tried to fend the barracuda off, but it slapped the clownfish with its tail and knocked Marlin out. When Marlin later woke up that night, he discovered his eggs and Coral gone (they got eaten by the barracuda). Marlin then found only one egg, which would later be Nemo to honor Coral's dying wish, as she had sacrificed herself to save them.


  • In the original storyboard of the film, it was shot so that the audience could glimpse Coral in the barracuda's mouth, but was later cut, possibly because it might terrify young kids watching the movie.
  • Coral is the first female Pixar character to die.

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