The Construction Supervisor is a minor character in Up.


He is a slim man wearing a suit that oversees the project around Carl's House. He is always seen wearing sunglasses and talking on the phone. He is the boss of Construction Foreman Tom, Construction Worker Steve and the other construction workers seen. He was in a silent battle with Carl, as his house was in the way of the site, and made pressures to get him to leave the place, though these were transferred indirectly through his employees.

When Carl looks out the window after hitting Construction Worker Steve on the head with his cane, he is seen talking to someone on his Smartphone, but stops to look at Carl and puts his hand on the fence post, verbally showing he is going to press charges. He exploited this incident to deem Carl a public menace and finally oust him of his terrain.


  • He has no speaking lines in the movie.

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