Colossus XXL is a large scale dump truck that lives near Carburetor County. He sleeps peacefully without knowing that Lightning McQueen and Mater are about to tip him. He suddenly gets flipped and in his last seconds emits a burst of smoke from his exhaust pipe, blowing McQueen and Mater away.


  • It is unknown what animal he seems to represent (as making a moo similar to the tractors (cows)), as there is no such thing as a giant animal.
  • Its appearance and size are based on a Haul Truck, a very large dump truck used in mining operations.
  • Its appearance is also similar to Lotso's Dump Truck.


Mater: "Heh, heh."
Lightning McQueen: "Wow. Yeah, uh... I don't know. Do you think?"
Mater: "This is gonna be good."
(Mater honks his horn and Lightning revs his engine. Colossus XXL tips over and hits the ground hard)
Mater: "Ah, ha ha ha ha ha!"
Lightning McQueen: "Ha ha, did you see that?"
(they stop laughing when they hear oil from the exhaust)
Mater: "Uh, oh. This ain't gonna be good."
(Colossus XXL backfires a burst of smoke from his exhaust sending Lightning McQueen and Mater away)
—Lightning McQueen and Mater tip Colossus XXL.