Chip Goff
Appeared in: Monsters University
Chip Goff is a character in Monsters University. He is a member of the Roar Omega Roar fraternity, and one of Johnny Worthington III's henchmen. He is a dark purple monster with short, gray horns on either side of his head, a small horn on where his nose would be, and a mouth sporting a set of vampire-like fangs.


  • There's a slight difference between Chip's official picture and Chip in the movie. In the movie, his skin was a little paler, his face was bulkier, his body was more stockier than muscular, and he usually showed his upper teeth.
  • Chip's roar resembles that of a Wookiee from the Star Wars films.
  • He is the only ROR who is not shown to have any part in the humiliation prank again the OKs, making him have the least important role of the RORs.


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