A Chef Gusteau Frozen Food product being set on fire.

Chef Gusteau's Frozen Foods (named "Gusteau's Microwaves" on the ads and the picture beside) is a line of microwaveable frozen foods marketed and owned by Chef Skinner.


After Auguste Gusteau's death, Skinner becomes owner and the head chef of Gusteau's restaurant and creates a line of frozen foods with Gusteau's image in the ads to woo customers. It is said to be a success as many kinds of foods are available for consumers. Fortunately however, after Linguini became owner of Gusteau's, the line was cancelled and he and the other staff proceed to burn down the last remaining line of the frozen foods.


The line of Chef Gusteau's Frozen Foods:

  • Burritos
  • BBQ Dips N' Ribs
  • Tooth Pick N' Chicken
  • Chopsocky Pockets
  • Haggis Bites
  • Corn Puppies (the entire line was discontinued before this product was released)

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