DunBroch Castle

Castle DunBroch is the main castle in the kingdom of DunBroch in the Highlands of Scotland. It is featured in Brave. The castle is home to King Fergus, Queen Elinor, Princess Merida, and Harris, Hubert and Hamish.


The three other clans visited the castle to decide which suitor would marry Princess Merida.

Places of Interest

  • The Great Hall: Where the raised thrones of Fergus, Elinor, Merida, and the Triplets are, where they dine at dinner, where speeches are given, and a large stone fireplace warms the entire room.
  • The Tapestry Room: Where all the tapestries are made and held including The family tapestry which Merida slices between her and Elinor's hands until she has to mend it back to break her mother's spell.
  • The Kitchen: Where the meals are prepared for the castle and where the Triplets like to steal sweets from.
  • Merida's Bedchamber: Where Merida sleeps.
  • The King and Queen's Bedchambers: The bedroom where Fergus and Elinor sleep.
  • Classrooms: Various rooms Elinor teaches Merida how to behave and act like a Princess.
  • The Trophy Room: Where Fergus's trophies (stuffed animals) are kept.
  • The Cellar: Where all the drinks and the King's private reserves are held.
  • The Stables: Where Angus, many other horses are kept.
  • Garden: Where the castle workers go to gather plants for dyes, food, and medicines.
  • Pens: Where highland cattle, boreray sheep, chickens and possibly other Scottish livestock are kept.
  • Bear Dane: Castle tower where Furgus can take long naps, unless his triplet sons are near.
  • Gatehouse: Main entrance into and out of the the castle walls, Merida's triplet brothers Harris, Hubert and Hamish like to stand on top of it and dump water on visitors.


  • According to story artist Louis Gonzales, for the DunBroch castle, the production team didn't want a Germanic Cinderella-like castle, but an "earthy" castle, grittier than the pristine ones often seen in animated films. For inspiration, They visited the Eilean Donan and Dunnottar Castles.[1]
  • The opening Disney logo for Brave was originally going to have the Disney Castle replaced with the DunBroch Castle. But in the end, they decided to settle for the original Disney Castle.
  • The castle has been around for hundreds of years.
  • Merida thinks the castle is the fairest place in the world, which it might be.


  1. How The Legends and Beauty Of Scotland Inspired ‘Brave’

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