Cars 2 Original Score Soundtrack (Official Album Cover)
Soundtrack  Cars 2
Composer  Michael Giacchino
Released  June 14, 2011
Label  Walt Disney Records
Catalogue no. 
The Cars 2 soundtrack was composed by Michael Giacchino. It was released on both CD and digital download on June 14, 2011. It is the fourth Pixar film to be scored by Michael Giacchino after The Incredibles, Ratatouille and Up. It also marks the first time that Giacchino has worked with John Lasseter as a director, as Lasseter had been executive producer on Giacchino's previous three Pixar films and that Lasseter hasn't worked with Randy Newman.

Track listing

All songs were written and composed by Michael Giacchino, except where indicated.

  1. You Might Think - Weezer
  2. Collision of Worlds - Brad Paisley and Robbie Williams
  3. Mon Cœur Fait Vroum (My Heart Goes Vroom) - Written by Michael Giacchino - Performed by Bénabar
  4. Nobody's Fool - Brad Paisley
  5. Polyrhythm - Perfume
  6. Turbo Transmission (score)
  7. It's Finn McMissile! (score)
  8. Mater The Waiter (score)
  9. Radiator Reunion (score)
  10. Cranking Up The Heat (score)
  11. Towkyo Takeout (score)
  12. Tarmac The Magnificent (score)
  13. Whose Engine Is This? (score)
  14. History's Biggest Loser Cars (score)
  15. Mater Of Disguise (score)
  16. Porto Corsa (score)
  17. The Lemon Pledge (score)
  18. Mater's Getaway (score)
  19. Mater Warns McQueen (score)
  20. Going To The Backup Plan (score)
  21. Mater's The Bomb (score)
  22. Blunder And Lightning (score)
  23. The Other Shoot (score)
  24. Axlerod Exposed (score)
  25. The Radiator Springs Grand Prix (score)
  26. The Turbomater (score)

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