Full credits for Cars 2.

Directed by

Co-Directed by

Produced by

Associate Producer

Original Story by

Screenplay by

Original Score Composed by

Story Supervisor

Film Editor

Production Designer

Supervising Technical Director

Production Manager

Supervising Animators

Director of Photography-Lightning

Director of Photography-Camera

Sets Supervisor

Character Supervisors

Effects Supervisor

Motion Graphic Effects Supervisor

Character Art Direction

Sets Art Direction

Shading Art Direction

Crowds Animation Supervisor

Crowds Technical Direction

Global Technology Supervisor

Rendering Supervisor

Sound Designer

Casting By Kevin Reher, C.S.A.
Natalie Lyon, C.S.A.
Production Finance Lead William Reusch

Director of Photography, Camera

Patrick Lin
Shot Production Management Kim Collins
Executive Manager to John Lasseter Heaher Feng-Yanu
Executive Music Producer Chris Montan
Music Supervisor Tom MacDougall
Post Production Supervisor Paul Cichocki



Story Manager

  • Kate Ranson-Walsh

Additional Story Supervision

  • Josh Cooley

Story Artists

Erik Benson Enrico Casarosa
Daniel Chong Brian Fee
Scott Morse Kevin O'Brein
Bill Presing Tony Rosenast
Bobby Alcid Rubio Nick Sung
Derek Thompson Alexander Woo

Script Supervisor

Story Coordinator


Art Manger

Set Artists

Armand Baltazar John Lee
Kristian Norelius Tim Evatt
John Nevarez Nelson "Rey" Bohol
Willy Hwang

Character Artists

  • Grant Alexander
  • Jack Chang
  • Daniel Holland

Graphic Artists

Ellen Moon Lee Craig Foster
Cassandra Smolcic Marty Baumann

Shader Packet Artists

  • Chia Han Jennifer Chang


Editorial Manager Colin Bohrer
Second Film Editors Jason Hudak
Katherine Ringgold
Additional Editing Serena Warner
First Assistant Editor Kevin Rose-Williams
Second Assitant Editirs Amera Rizk
Jason Brodkey
Jess Fulton
Production Music Editor Justin Pearson
Editorial Coordinator Susan Frank
Editorial Assistant Megham Kraft
Editorial Interens Marie Lee
Alexis Lombardi Nelson

Camera & Staging

Layout Manager

  • Adrian Ochoa

Layout Lead

  • Mahyar Abousaeedi

Layout Artists

Josh Anon Andrew Cadelago
James Campbell Andy Grisdale
Adam Habib David Janssen
Robert Kinkead Sukwon Park
Charles Ramos Mark Shirra
Bastian Wartenberg Sylvia Grey Wong

Post-Animation Camera Artists

  • Sandra Karpman

Layout Coordinator

  • [[Daniel Combs


Animation Manager Shannon Adelia Ryan
Directing Animators Michal Makarewicz
Victor Navone
Character Development & Animation Sequoia Blankenship
Doug Dooley
Brett Pulliam


Jude Brownbill Adam Burke
Kevin Chesnos Andrew Coats
Brett Coderre Don Crum
Robb Denovan Everett Downing, Jr.
Curran W. Giddens Aaron Hartline
Neil Helm Timothy Hittle
Nancy Kato Patty Kihm
Jae Hyung Kim Ken Kim
Vladimir Kooperman Bruce Kuei
Wendell Lee Holger Leihe
Ramiro Lopez Dau Austin Madison
Matt Majers Amber Martorelli
Danny Mason Steve Mason
Rich McKain Javier Moya Alonso
Juan Carlos Navarro Carrion Jayson Price
Andreas Procopiou Roger Rose
Gini Cruz Santos Brett Schulz
Bob Scott Doug Sheppeck
Ross Haldane Stevenson Benjamin Po An Su
Raphael Suter Rob Duquette Thompson
Lindsay VanderGalien Kristophe Vergne
Carlo Vogele Royce Wesley
Anthony Ho Wong Stephen Wong
Michael Wu

Crowd Animation

Guillaume Chartier Tsung-Yin Hsieh
Carolina Lopez Dau Michelle Ohana
Jay Rennie Terry Youngkil Song

Fix & Additional Animation

Andrew Beall Christopher Chua
Doug Frankel Tom Gately
Daniel Gonzales Chiwook Han
Catherine Hicks Eliza Ivanova
Aaron Koressel Tingting Liu
Louaye Moulayess Neth Nom
David Ochs Erick Oh
Kevin O’Hara Sanjay Patel
Manuel Zenon Rodriguez Michael Sauls
Andrew L. Schmidt Stefan Schumacher
Matthew Strangio Jean-Claude Tran Quang Thieu
J. Warren Trezevant Ricky Wight
Tom Zach
Animation Shot Support Todd R. Krish
Animation Coordinator Max Sachar
Animation Technical Coordinator Courtney Casper
Animation Fix Coordinator Lucy Laliberte
Animation Production Intern Anthony Kemp


Sets Matte Paint Manager

  • Alice Clendenen

Sets Modeling Lead

  • Pamela J. Choy

Sets Dressing Lead

  • Sophie Vincelette

Sets Shading Lead

  • Alec Bartsch

Matte Paint

Matte Paint Lead

  • Alex Harvill

Matte Painters

  • Randy Berrett
  • Ernesto Nemesio
  • Paul Topolos


Character Manager

  • Mary Van Escobar

Character Rigging Lead

  • Ian Steplowski

Senior Modeler

  • Andrew H. Schmidt


Effects Manager

Development and Effects Artists

  • Alexis Angelous
  • Jon Reisch

Global Technology

Global Technology Manager

  • Jaclyn Simon

Motion Graphic Effects

Technical Artists

David Batte Jun Han Cho


Lightspeed Lead

  • Jacob Merrell


Susan Fisher Fong Carl Nai Frederick
Stefan Gronsky Chris Horne
Thomas Jordan Daniel McCoy
Nancy Tsang


Rendering Manager

In Loving Memory

Japeth Pieper 1965 - 2010
Andy Witkin 1952 - 2010

End Titles

Camera & Animation Andrew Jimenez
Production Management Becky Neiman
Story Lead Nathan Stanton
Paint & Illustration Nat McLaughlin
Jason Merck
Title Design Craig Good
Catherine M. Kelly
Susan Mason Bradley

Stereoscopic 3 - D

Director of Stereoscopic Production

  • Joshua Hollander

Stereoscopic Supervisor

  • Bob Whitehill


  • Alex Mandel

Production Assistant

  • Sara Trumpler


Jay-Vincent Jones Joshua Mills
Jonathan Jones Reid Sandros
Brett Warne

Render Pipeline Group


  • Anne Pia

Technical Lead

  • Josh Grant

Post Production Sound Services by
Skywalker Sound
A Lucas Digital Ltd. Company, Marin County, California

Additional Voices

Catherine Bolt Gillian Bolt
Jess Fulton Sonoko Konishi
John Lasseter Dice Tsutsumi


Score Orchestra & Conducted by

  • Tim Simonec

Score Recorded & Mixed by

  • Dan Wallin

Music Editor

  • Stephen M. Davis, M.P.S.E.

CPUS for Final Rendering INTEL®

Animated on Marionette™

Rndered with Pixar’s RenderMan®

Sound Mixed in Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound

Domestic Prints by DELUXE®

International Prints by TECHNICOLOR®

All Rights Reserved

This motion pictures was created by Pixar Talking Pictures
for purposes of copyright law in the united kingdom.

Original Soundtrack Available on

Disney/Pixar Cars 2 The Video Games from

In Stores Now on Your Favorite Gaming Systems

Distributed by

Created and Produced at
Emeryville, CA

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