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Cars - Radiator Springs Adventures Coverart
Developed by: AWE Games
Published by: THQ
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
Release date: June 6, 2006 (North America)
July 14, 2007 (PAL region)

Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures is a computer game collection based on the Disney/Pixar film Cars. It is intended for the early childhood market. The game consists of 10 activities and 10 championship races when players beat the activity's 5 levels. When players complete all activities, they compete in a championship race against another character. In those races the transmission is manual, not automatic. And there is no free drive like in Cars: The Video Game, it just drops McQueen onto a random area and he just drives there to the activity players choose. Each activity has instructions on how to do this and memorization is required to play a game like this.

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