Carla "Killer Claws" Benitez is a minor character in Monsters University. She is a famous scarer working at Monsters, Inc. Carla is not mentioned or seen in the first movie. She is a tall, yellow monster with long, purple claws, which are her big attribute. In the Monsters University Fearbook, she is mentioned as an alumni of the Slugma Slugma Kappa sorority.

Monsters University

Carla has minor appearances in the prequel. She is seen in a picture used for one of Mike's collectible cards. During Oozma Kappa's "field trip" to Monsters, Inc., Mike and Sulley are excited to spot her. Then, at the end of the movie, when Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan are hired in Monsters, Inc., she is seen entering a door at the Scare Floor.


According to Pete "Claws" Ward's scare card, Benitez is a Hall-of-Famer.


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