This unnamed city is where both Carl Fredricksen and his young friend Russell live in the 2009 film Up. The town is portrayed as a small suburban area in the 1930s when Carl was younger, but when Carl is now an old man it is now a modern city.

Some of the locations in this city include:

Carl's House

See here.

Carl's Other House

See here.


This church is where Carl Friedricksen and his wife get married in. It is also the place where Ellie's funeral was held when she died of old age.


This park is where Carl and Ellie both visit when having picnics together.


This zoo was where Carl and Ellie once worked at while selling balloons so that they can get enough money to go to Paradise Falls, Venezuela.


This hospital is where Ellie finds out that she cannot have offspring due to a miscarriage, and also the same place where she eventually dies.


This courthouse is where Carl is taken to be fined for hitting one of the construction workers trying to demolish his house.

Shady Oaks Retirement Center

See here.

Russell's School

This elementary school is where Russell earns his badge for helping an elderly person (in this case, Carl).

Fenton's Ice Cream Shop

This ice cream shop is where Carl and Russell go to have ice cream at the end of the film.

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