Performer: Kyle Petty[1]
Appeared in: Cars 3
Cal Weathers is a character in Cars 3. He is the nephew of Strip Weathers, and races for team Dinoco.

Cars 3

"Weathers grew up around the track watching his uncle, Strip "The King" Weathers, tear it up. The veteran racer finds himself taking a step back to make room for the next generation on the track."[1] Cal Weathers was one of the most significant racers of Lightning McQueen's generation. Nevertheless, he appears to be considered weaker than the racers usually employed by Dinoco, at least by Tex Dinoco's account. He is shown to be very close to Lightning McQueen and Bobby Swift, and they often pull pranks on each other. Cal Weathers decide to retire mid-season as the competition is increasingly dominated by next-gen racers. Upon his departure, he tells McQueen that their friendship was the part of racing that he enjoyed the most.


  • Prior to his name being finalized, Cal had two working names, which include "Hank Weathers" and "Strip Weathers, Jr.".



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