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A Buzz Lightyear replica produced by Thinkway Toys will be released in 2015 as part of the Toy Story 20th Anniversary Thinkway Toys Line.


  • Replicated from Disney/Pixar’s digital data, this 20th Anniversary Edition Buzz Lightyear comes with original voice, pop-out wings, retractable helmet, laser light and sound effects!
  • Press Buzz Lightyear’s oval chest buttons for voice and sound effects.
  • Press his arm button for light and laser sound effects.
  • Push his red round chest button to pop-out Wings.
  • Highly poseable figure with retractable helmet.
  • 30 sayings in original voice.
  • Highly detailed figure approximately 12” tall.
  • Ages 4+.


This Buzz Lightyear replica is similar to the Toy Story Collection Buzz Lightyear.

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