Buzz becomes obselete

Buzz Becomes Obsolete is one of the Toy Story Treats that aired on Saturday morning line-up in 1996.


Woody, Buzz, Rex, and Hamm are playing cards when a commercial for new and improved Buzz Lightyear toys comes on the TV. The different versions that were mentioned were Cyber-Sonic Buzz with 15,000 word combinations, Battle Scar Buzz with ultra damage, and Sky Runner Buzz which really flies. Buzz becomes crushed and envious as he watches the commercial, but Woody tells him, "There's something to be said for the original," which Hamm finishes by saying, "And that something is yard sale."


  • The commercial seen here is very similar to the one Buzz comes across in the original Toy Story upon realizing that he is a toy.
  • The commercial footage was also recycled from the one seen in Toy Story.
  • The concept of a new and improved Buzz Lightyear is taken much further in Toy Story 2 with Buzz being mixed up with Utility Belt Buzz, who when compared to the features of the new Buzz toys in the commercial is really just a regular Buzz with a utility belt.
  • The red coloring of the new Buzz toy in the commercial may be a nod to Buzz's original red space suit from his earlier designs, when he was being called Lunar Larry and Tempus from Morph.


Buzz becomes Obsolete

Buzz becomes Obsolete

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