—Burned Rag Doll's repeated line as she approaches Sid

The Burned Rag Doll Julie (name Julie) is a character from Toy Story. As its name suggests, the Burned Rag Doll Julie is a one-eyed rag doll (similar to Janie and Sally), possibly an explosion victim. Once belonging to Hannah, the doll was abused by Sid and abandoned in his sandbox (along with the Red Pickup Truck). The Burned Rag Doll Julie also repeatedly utters "Mama!", so it may be a talking doll.

When Sid's toys (led by Woody) plan to teach Sid a lesson and stop him from blowing up Buzz Lightyear, the mutant toys disperse throughout Sid's backyard to wake up other broken toys. Walking Car wakes up the Burned Rag Roll, who comes alive and walks towards Sid with the rest of his toys to prove they're alive.


  • In a deleted scene for Toy Story, Sid takes one of Hannah's toys and throws it to Scud. This doll might be the Burned Rag Doll Julie.
  • It seems that the Burned Rag Doll Julie might be made from the same company that Janie and Sally were made due to her orange hair looking like the same fabric as Janie and Sally's hair.
  • In Toy Story Animated Storybook, the Burned Rag Doll Julie appears in the scene where Sid's toys scare Sid. She's seen under a lawn mower, and when clicked, she'll come alive in front of Sid and scare him by jumping at him.

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