Brock Pearson is a character in Monsters University. A massive bird-like purple monster with antelope-like horns and an orange beak, he is the vice-president of the Greek Council.

Official Bio

"This preppy-looking fraternity monster has been chosen to assist the Greek Council president in emceeing the school’s annual Scare Games. Jock-like and what some might refer to as a 'meathead,' Brock is a loud, enthusiastic emcee who relishes the danger of the Scare Games' challenges."[1]


Brock is filled with energy for sports. It's practically his passion. He also sometimes may need help to calm down by his partner Claire Wheeler during the Scare Games, because of all of his excitement.


  • Concept art shows Brock was originally set to appear as a fraternity member.[2]
  • Brock Pearson's personality is similar to Charlotte La Bouff from The Princess and the Frog. They are both energetic and excited, but sometimes they need to calm down.
  • Brock resembles a gryphon.
  • Brock was never referred by his real name in the film. He is simply called "MU Greek Council Vice President."
  • Brock is also quite similar to the Dodo in Alice in Wonderland (1951) in both design and personality, both have distinctive beaks, both have a love of social events (I.E. Dodo loves Caucus Races and Brock loves the Scare Games), both have a sort of important role in their respective films and both have hairstyles that end in a long lock of hair (Or fur in this case) behind their heads.



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