British Police Officers
Appeared in: Cars 2

The British Police Officers are characters in Cars 2.

Cars 2

The officers are Ford Mondeos wearing the hat of the London police. They are seen stationed at various points around the World Grand Prix circuit. When Mater lands at Buckingham Palace in front of the Queen with a bomb on him, many officers flock to protect the Queen and hold back the crowds. They then arrest Miles Axlerod after Mater exposes him.

A known officer is Mark Wheelsen.


  • One of the police officers that arrest Miles had on their tires Road Hug, the same words as Vladimir TrunkovAcer and Fred Pacer.
  • In real life, Ford Mondeo is officially used by British police force, and it's also a very popular car in the UK. In the 1990s, this car was also a subject to a certain stereotype called "The Mondeo Man" (Tony Blair popularised the term in the 1990s).

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