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Full credits for Brave.

Directed By

  • Mark Andrews
  • Brenda Chapman

Co-Directed By

  • Steve Purcell

Produced By

  • Katherine Sarafian

Executive By

Associate Producer

  • Mary Alice Drumm

Story By

  • Brenda Chapman

Screenplay By

  • Mark Andrews
  • Steve Purcell
  • Brenda Chapman & Irene Mecchi

Original Score Composed By

  • Patrick Doyle

Story Supervisor

  • Brian Larsen

Film Editor

  • Nicholas C. Smith, A.C.E.

Production Designer

  • Steve Pilcher

Supervising Technical Director

Supervising Technical Director

  • Steve May

Production Manager

  • Andrea Warren

Supervising Animators

  • Alan Barillaro
  • Steven Clay Hunter

Directors of Photography

  • Camera: Robert Anderson
  • Lighting: Danielle Feinberg

Character Supervisors

  • Bill Sheffler
  • Colin Hayes Thompson
  • Thomas Jordan

Sets Supervisor

  • Derek Williams

Simulation Supervisor

  • Claudia Chung Sanii

Effects Supervisor

  • David MacCarthy

Art Directors

  • Characters: Matt Nolte
  • Sets: Noah Klocek
  • Shading: Tia Wallace Kratter

Global Technology Supervisor

  • Gordon Camerom

Rendering Supervisor

  • Humera Yasmin Khan

Crowds Leads

  • Paul Kanyuk
  • Paul Mendoza

Sound Designer

Dedicated with Love and Gratitude to

  • Steve Jobs

Our Partner, Mentor and Friend

casting by Kevin Reher, C.S.A.
Natalie Lyon, C.S.A.


Merida Kelly Macdonalb
Pergus Billy Connolly
Elinor Emma Thompson
The Witch Julie Walters


Story Manager Lorien McKenna


Art Manager Dana Murray


editorial managers Ann Britz
Mari Aizawa

Camera & Staging

layout manager Maureen Giblin
layout lead Matthew Silas


animation manager Jaclyn Simon
directing animators David DeVan
Kureha Yokoo
animation tools lead Bret Parker


character manager Sarah Jo Helton
character rigging lead Austin Lee

Simulation, Cloth & Groom

simulation, cloth & groom manager Pamela Darrow
simulation technical lead Alexander Nehis
groom lead Lena Petrovic
cloth lead Emron Grover
simulation shot lead Henry Dean Garcia
groom artists Laura Hainke
Ben Porter
Chuck Waite


sets manager Deirdre Warin
sets modeling lead Kristifir Klein
sets shading lead Christopher M. Burrows
sets technical lead Jamie Hecker

Global Technology, Crowds & Rendering

sweatbox & global technology manager Tashana Landray
crowds & rendering manager Kim Collins
pipeline lead Stephan Viadimer Bugij


effects manager Krissy Cababa
Effects Technology Lead Michael K. O'Brien
Development & Effects Artists Chris Chapman
Keith Daniel Klohn
Bill Watral


Lighting Manager Jenni Tsoi
Technical Lighting Lead Tim Best
lighting leads Ian Megibben
Andrew Pienaar


Ryan Broek
assistant to the production Crosby Clyse
Angie Sun

Presto Animation System

End Titles

art & image mastering Cynthia Stavens
camera & animation lead Andrew Jimenez
production management Ryan Lynch
title design Susan Mason Bradley

Image Mastering

director of image mastering Cynthia Stavens

Stereoscopic 3D

Render Pipeline Group

rendering pipeline manager Anne Pia
rendering pipeline technical lead Josh Grant

Post Production

director & editorial & post production Bill Kinder


score orchestrated by Patrick Doyle & James Shearman
score produced by Maggie Rodford

Pixar Studio Team

Software Research & Development

Special Thanks

production babies

Distributed By
Walt Disney Studios
Motion Pictures
Created and Produced at
Pixar Animation Studios
Emeryville, CA

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