• Zena 13

    pixar films

    January 11, 2010 by Zena 13

    What Pixar film do you like the best?

    I like Cars the more because it is so funny when Mater is scaring the cows it is so funny

    Anyway what Pixer film do you like?

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  • Curious Poker Chip

    The Incredibles 2 would be good to see, I'm starting to get tired of Incredibles 1 after seeing it 100 times.

    Bug's Life 2 could work, too.

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  • Pixardude

    New here

    November 26, 2009 by Pixardude

    Hi there everyone!!! Pixardude here. I'm new to the site. I stumbled upon this site and think it is really cool that there is a wiki dedicated to Pixar!! I find their animation breathtaking and I tinker with CGI programs like Blender sometimes. I really want to collect all of the Pixar movies and put them in a glass case or something, because everyone at Pixar has done a great job and I like all of their productions. Keep it up Pixar!

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  • Peori

    Pixar has, without a doubt, retained its charm throughout the many years it has stood strong. After this year's Up and last year's WALL-E outtings, it's good to just sit back and enjoy some of their earlier films like this. And, as much as I try to avoid clichés in writing, they're better than I remember!

    The re-rendering makes textures, lighting, etc. on both films look much better than before; though it's more noticable with the first movie. The faces of the humans look a good deal better, as well. And this goes without saying, that the two movies are spectacular. Inbetween them is a 10-minute intermission where you can watch Toy Story Trivia and answer questions, theatre-styled. Most questions are easy, though you have to remember that t…

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  • Peori

    WALL-E Review

    August 17, 2009 by Peori

    Perhaps the greatest sci-fi thriller in ages, straight from the masterminds at Pixar comes WALL-E, an epic tale and Pixar's most compelling to date.

    The film starts out showing an image of the Earth -- Earth in 800 years, to be exact. Immediately the viewers are treated to the happy showtunes of "Put On Your Sunday Clothes", as the current state of the Earth is revealed. Gloomy and forlorn, the post-apocalyptic planet is now home to a little trash compactor named WALL-E and his cockroach friend left with the task of cleaning up Earth, a job which he pursues with a strangely charming naive optimism. Going out each day to compact more trash and occasionally saving anything he deems interesting, his greatest treasure is a tape of the 1960's mu…

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