• Gcheung28

    Calling all Cars and Planes fans! We are holding a special giveaway contest for fans who loved Planes: Fire & Rescue, and YOU could win a Blu-Ray copy of the spin-off of Pixar's Cars franchise! Enter by November 12 to be eligible to win, and all you have to do is click here for more details!

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  • Gcheung28

    Disney fans! We have THREE Toy Story of Terror prize packs to give away, and we're going to have a contest for fans to enter! The prize includes an exclusive Combat Carl, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear and a DVD of the movie!

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  • Gcheung28

    Official Rules for Toy Story of Terror Giveaway.


    2. Promotion Description.

    The Toy Story of Terror Giveaway Contest (the “Promotion") is a sweepstakes promotion where individuals who create an account and leave a comment on the blog (note: you must be logged in to leave a comment) will be eligible to be randomly selected from all eligible entries. Accounts and blog entries completed from 12:01 on August 21, 2014 to 23:59 on August 25, 2014 (the “Promotion Period”) will be eligible to win one (1) prize.

    Three (3) winners will each win the following:

    The Prize: a prize pack of an exclusive Combat Carl, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear and a DVD of Toy Story of Terror

    3. How To Enter. You will automatically be …

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  • A113Pixar

    If you haven't noticed yet, the wiki recently hit 2000 pages. Wowzers

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  • DemonicBeast

    A Bug's Life 2

    July 9, 2014 by DemonicBeast

    Ok, let's say I LOVE "A Bug's Life", and I think it deserves a sequel. So let me give my opinion on what happens.

    After the untimely death of the Queen, Atta takes the throne. She likes Flik a lot more now, but before she can make him her king, the despicable Queen Honeycomb threatens to overthrow Ant Island and make her new hive and kingdom there. Flik has no choice but to track down the Circus Bugs, and with a new friend from the circus troupe (Molt the grasshopper), Flik and the crew plan to overthrow Queen Honeycomb, her faithful allies Bizz and Buzz, and her Bee Drones themselves.

    The cast will be...

    Dave Foley - Flik

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Queen Atta

    Hayden Panettiere - Princess Dot

    Jennifer Saunders - Queen Honeycomb

    Andrew Stanton - Bizz


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  • Felldoh96

    My Idea of Cars 3

    June 29, 2014 by Felldoh96

    Im from Germany my name is Philipp and I know that theres a Cars 3 in works but I also have some ideas for a Cars 3. My English is not perfect so I wrote my ideas in German and translate that I hope you can understand what I mean :)

    (Its really hard to understand what I want to tell ... I think its better to learn english first :D)

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  • XavierPanama

    Pixar Fan Fiction Wiki is a collaborative website anything related to Pixar Fan Fiction that anyone can edit! You can write fan stories on movies or make up your own!

    An article that features fan stories based on Disney movies and Pixar movies that anyone can edit. please click here instead.

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  • Alexstorm8840


    June 26, 2014 by Alexstorm8840

    Hello My name is Alex Kuvizin and i am 17 years old, yea i know you might laugh, but i still love all Disney, Pixar Animation Studios and my favorite cartoon is Monsters University. Sometimes even when you an adult or a teenager like me you always want to come back at those times when you were a kid:) And i dont see anything wrong that im still watching disney movies, they are fun, and people are making them more and more and wish to watch. Well PNK are my favorite too :). Please sorry for my english if you didnt understood something, im a foreign From Russia but living in Florida right now, Yes i like US and i hope i will get a job at Pixar Animation Studios!:):)

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  • Lucasdials

    This blog post is based from a tv show idea of mine called Lucas's Up and Down World (LUDW) and this is what the main voice cast could possibly be if it happened. Note: ones with a * are personal interest actors.

    Cast Lucas Dials as Lucas Kieth Ferguson as Lightning Larry the Cable Guy as Mater Cheech Marin as Ramone Seth Rogen as Tyr* Jenifer Lewis as Flo Micheal Wallis as Sherrif Jerome Ranft as Red Bonnie Hunt as Sally Dan Castenella* as Corv *future character*

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  • A113Pixar

    Here are some ideas for Untitled Día de los Muertos film.

    • The main character could be a young girl or boy.
    • It would take place in Spain.
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  • Carebearheart

    We all know about Riley, Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust right? But now one question I have remains, who and what is or are the antgonist(s) of Inside Out? I think this movie will debut the first female main antagonist in pixar history (since there are currently only two and their both secondary!) I already figured that whoever and whatever the main villain is or are, is trying to make Riley stop functioning (it just came to me) but waht else besides emotions could get into Riley's mind? What kind of villains do you all think?

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  • DamiedeterJR

    Hi there, Pixar Wiki users. I'm here to tell you about a glitch I discovered in the Toy Story 3: Video Game. No, its not a usual minor glitch that you would come across maybe every once and a while, it was actually felt like it was a beta version of the game. Let me explain: So I was driving Zurg's car (as Zurg obviously) and I decided to go to the part of the stunt park with Trixie (cause I like to hear a similarity with her and Mabel from Gravity Falls XD). So I was making jumps and stuff, and when I tried to jump over the ramp that has the pink and green goo on either side, I was trying to make a spin in between it (BTW, my car was also in the green goo effect) when all of a sudden, the car went under the world and then, I was out of my…

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  • Sahil Dewan

    Cars 3

    March 18, 2014 by Sahil Dewan

    I want Cars 3 as soon as possible and this movie should also have Action.But,this time there should be a close up more on Lightning Mcqueen and a race should also take place in India.There should be a new villian who should join the lemons and the lemons should at a bail with the heads Axerlod and Professor Zundapp.But this they should try to kill Mater and Finn Mcmissile because of whom there were sent to jail. And Mcqueen should try to save Mater this time with the friends of Radiator Springs and Holley Shiftwell.The places where they should go should be-India,Spain,Australia,Florida,Hong Kong,Paris,Italy and not the least Radiator Springs.

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  • DarkFossils


    March 8, 2014 by DarkFossils
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  • DarkFossils


    March 7, 2014 by DarkFossils
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  • Shinnest

    What I like about Pixar

    February 8, 2014 by Shinnest

    What I like about Pixar is that short films and feature films were the greatest of all.

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  • Gcheung28

    Exciting news, Pixar fans!! Wikia Staff has received an amazing opportunity to visit the Pixar Animation Studios AND to interview someone who works there! We need YOU to submit questions for the interview!

    Is there something about Pixar that you've always wanted to know? Now is the chance to ask! Questions should be related to animation & behind the scenes topics, but feel free to submit as many questions as you want!

    We can't promise everything will get asked, but we will do the best we can to get as many questions in as we can! The deadline to submit questions by is January 20th so get to it!

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  • Sharnihendry

    Emily Honda

    December 31, 2013 by Sharnihendry

    Emily is daughter of her mother, Alice and childhood to Dusty. She is a orphan when her mother gone away. Emily lives in her ordinary life after she has first met Dusty since she was a child when her father died in the Airport. Alice has givin birth to Emily after she was save her life and she is now wise and strong. About her story, Dusty and Emily are childhood friends like brother and sister. Emily has younger sister named Cyberline.

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  • Speedy the Lazer Bird

    This is my idea for a Cars/Planes crossover television special.

    Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen/Dark Thunder*

    Kristen Wiig** as Materia*

    Dane Cook as Dusty

    Larry the Cable Guy as Mater/Tater*/Mater Jr.*/Nater*/Gasket*/Hater Jr.*

    Roger Craig Smith as Ripslinger

    Michael Keaton as Chick Hicks

    Joe Mantegna as Grem

    Peter Jacobson as Acer

    Denis Leary** as El Machismo***

    Bonnie Hunt as Sally McQueen

    Emily Blunt** as Holley Shiftwell

    Ewan McGregor** as Finn McMissile

    Sean WiIIiam Scott** as Lug***

    Josh Peck** as Nutty***

    Diedrich Bader** as Quentin*

    *= indicates a character created by me.

    **= indicates a new actor/actress for the special.

    ***= indicates a character semi-created by me, but I added more character.

    • Materia is Mater's eccentric, goofy, but highly intel…

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  • Lucasdials

    Last time on LU&DW, Lucas, Lightning and Tyr were headed off to find a tree and save Christmas. Will they succeed? Find out now!

    (Scene opens Lucas, Tyr and Lightning headed up a road in the snow freezing snow) Tyr: Jesus, it's cold out here! Lightning: Just keep moving, we should make it there soon. (scene switches to all stopping at Lucas's house to warm up) Lucas: Dang, how long is it gonna take to travel 1 mile? Tyr: I know, it seemed like we'd been walking out there for hours! Lucas: Yeah, Tell me about it. Lightning: (silent)....Wait a minute..I just realized something. Tyr: What is it? Lightning: I releazed...(angered tone) That we wouldn't even have to go out in the freezing sleet snow and drive a mile to get a new freaking tree if …

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  • Lucasdials


    December 21, 2013 by Lucasdials

    Here is the first ever LU&DW Christmas special. I'm about 4 days late, but here it is.

    (Scene opens early morning with Lucas talking on the phone) Lucas: Do we really have to talk about this now! Oh we just have to? Come on Tyr, do we have to do this today? It's not even Christmas Eve yet. Ok. Ok! Fine. I'll be down in a minute. (hangs up, continues to speak while heading out door) Ugh. Jesus. Stupid Christmas tree. Its too early. Look on the bright side, Lucas, Christmas is nearing. That only time of year where I get to feel good about something. Well maybe besides my birthday. (Lucas approaches town and is seen by Tyr) Tyr: Hey! You made it! Lucas: Yeah, yeah. I'm here. What's the deal? (Tyr goes to Christmas tree) Tyr: This. Lucas: The …

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  • Lucasdials

    Im back making LU&DW, this time it's a Christmas episode. It's the holiday season, and Raduator Springs is b Anketed in snow, lights are beng hung, halls are being decked, and everyone is doing there holiday shopping. But for Lucas and Tyr, what is Christmas? Find out Tuesday, December 17, in the first ever LU&DW Holiday special!

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  • CommanderCartoon


    December 9, 2013 by CommanderCartoon

    Anyone wanna visit my Computer Animated Movie Wiki? I'LL welcome anyone! Hey Everyone! I've created my own wiki for computer animated movies. It's called the Computer Animated Movie Pedia and i would like it if you guys could help me customize it. Here's the link:

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  • Lukehalili


    December 7, 2013 by Lukehalili

    I made a new wiki, it's called A Bug's Life Wiki. The users that are here in this wiki are allowed to go to A Bug's Life Wiki. At least 18 users.

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  • FuturePixarAnimator


    November 30, 2013 by FuturePixarAnimator
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  • TheBABAMStudios

    Cars: Race Around the World is a fan-made video game by me that is about another racing series with seven races, one in each continent.

    The Radiator Springs will be the same one from Cars Race-O-Rama except that it will have new features. You will be able to enter buildings/stadiums from the doors; Ramone's House of Body Art, Rustbucket Stadium, etc.

    Cars will take crash damage, about same physics as Grand Theft Auto V.

    You can change your character during free roam and also play multiplayer duing free roam too.

    Have to refuel gas everyonce in a while.

    Will have Piston Cup stadiums also.

    Will include the airport from Cars: Mater National so you can get in an airplane to go to a different continent.

    Will include the interstate that was at the end o…

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  • Bobbyciraldo

    I was always fascinated with the "Welcome to Pixar" tour video that accompanied the Monsters, Inc dvd. You know, the one with the paper airplane contest and the secret passageway to the "Love Lounge"..

    Well when it came time to create a kickstarter video for our upcoming film, the Pixar tour video seemed like a natural starting point! Only in our version, the campus is not nearly as fancy. In fact it's a little scary.

    Hope the community enjoys!

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  • Dinoco95

    Monster genetics

    November 1, 2013 by Dinoco95

    The reason there are so many different variations in the different monster species is because of how monster genetics work. When two different monster types get married and have a baby, the newborn monster is the same species as one of its parents, inheriting the body shape and some other typical traits of that species such as the number of eyes. The rest of the young monster's traits (such as size, colour, horn shape, wings, fur, number of arms, etc.) are determined by its genes.


    • Terri and Terry probably inherited their body shape from their mother, making them the same species as she is. Other traits they got from her were one eye and Terry's horns. They inherited their yellow colour, tentacles, and Terri's horn from their dad. H…
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  • ChestiesSchool7

    here's the Untitled Pixar Animation Movie about Polar Bears as Inuits is in development

    Long Ago in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. The Family of Polar Bear Inuits living in Igloo, they embark a adventures, journeys, fishing, hunting and many more.

    • Kona - Father of the Family, Voiced by TBA
    • Tanjen - Mother of the Family, Voiced by TBA
    • Tug - Son of the Family, Voiced by TBA
    • Episode - Daughter of the Family, Voiced by TBA
    • Snowy - Baby of the Family, only makes human baby noises and sounds

    • These Inuit Polar Bears were in Inuit Outfits expect for Baby Snowy
    • Baby Snowy is like Baby Po from Kung Fu Panda 2

    • "Galaxies" by Owl City

    • TBA

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  • ChestiesSchool7

    Birthday Carnival

    October 30, 2013 by ChestiesSchool7

    'Birthday Carnival is a Pixar short film based on the all the characters of Monsters University and Monsters, Inc., it will be released with the theatrical release of Inside Out.

    While Oozma Kappa prepare to celebrate Mike Wazowski's 21th Birthday but James P. Sullivan suggests a Birthday Carnival that similar to Birthday Party, so they held a Birthday Carnival invited by Other Monsters and this was a surprise for Mike Wazowski.

    • John Goodman: James P. "Sulley" Sullivan
    • Billy Crystal: Michael "Mike" Wazowski
    • Jennifer Tilly: Celia Mae
    • Steve Buscemi: Randall Boggs
    • TBA: Henry J. Waternoose III
    • Bob Peterson: Roz
    • John Ratzenberger: Yeti
    • Bonnie Hunt: Flint/Karen Graves
    • Jeff Pidgeon: Bile
    • Frank Oz: Fungus
    • Dan Gerson: Needleman and Smitty
    • Steve Susskind: Jerry
    • Peter…

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  • Dinoco95

    Every Scarer is matched to certain children, terrifying only them, using the right scare technique for each. But how does a monster know which kids are the most likely to scream when he comes through their doors? This is determined by comparing the monster's features (wings, multiple heads, horn shape, etc.) and special abilities (flight, glowing eyes, disappearing quickly, etc), to what each child fears the most (the dark, bugs, etc.). In the comments below, post the name of a Scarer and what kids he or she is most likely to scare based on that monster's features.

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  • Dinoco95

    Scare card pictures

    October 16, 2013 by Dinoco95

    I think that we should post images of all the promotinal scare cards released to promote Monsters University's theatrical release. Please post both the front and the back of each card in high quality. The one I'd really like to see is #17. Thanks and see you later, everybody!

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  • Lukehalili


    October 10, 2013 by Lukehalili

    Some People does not now how some of the users became admins. How do i become like that?

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  • Lukehalili


    September 29, 2013 by Lukehalili

    If i did not put any other photos that are related to pixar when i am done editing, please tell me right away.

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  • Lukehalili


    September 29, 2013 by Lukehalili

    Those who delete trivias about "Inside Out" should be banned by the admins.

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  • Ultimate iPad Expert

    Here's some fan art I made for Inside Out:

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  • AweAndTri1337

    In the end credits, Sid's name can be seen in the cast part of the credits.

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  • Reid007

    Imagine the possibilities! He was too young to leave ;(

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  • TheBABAMStudios

    "Hey Mater, did I tell you about the time I raced in a 1000 lap race?", Lightning asked. "No, buddy! Why don't you tell me!", Mater replied. "Okay then. I was in Hawaii with 100 opponents. Including my Piston Cup rival, Chick Hicks. Boy he was eager to win. The race was on January 24, 2006. One of my first races. I barely knew he crashed other racers."

    "Looks like this rookie is in for a suprise.", Chick said. Chick had rammed McQueen right in the side of his front left tire, causing it to pop. "Aw great now my lucky bolt has a dent in it.", Lightning said. "Don't worry I'll fix it for you.", Chick said. He rammed McQueen one more time causing him to go into the wall. He spun out into the grass.

    McQueen went into the pits and told his pittie…

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  • Pixarman77

    Scare cards

    August 4, 2013 by Pixarman77

    I was thinking that we could add information from the promotional scare cards given at disneyland resort to this wiki about the scarers. What do you think?

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  • Joseph Lu

    Here are the International Releases for "Planes":

    Country  Release Date
    Canada  August 9, 2013
    United States August 9, 2013
    Spain August 14, 2013
    Croatia August 15, 2013
    Hungary August 15, 2013
    Portugal August 15, 2013
    Ireland August 16, 2013
    Poland August 16, 2013
    Taiwan August 16, 2013
    England August 16, 2013
    Greece August 22, 2013
    Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Of People's Republic Of China August 22, 2013
    Malaysia August 22, 2013
    Turkey August 23, 2013
    Germany August 29, 2013
    Russia August 29, 2013
    Argentina September 5, 2013
    Serbia September 5, 2013
    Singapore September 5, 2013
    Iceland September 6, 2013
    Romania September 6, 2013
    Venezuela September 6, 2013
    Chile September 12, 2013
    Lebanon September 12, 2013
    Brazil September 13, 2013
    Bulgaria September 1…

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  • Lucasdials

    It's short, but I'm kind of busy at the moment.

    (scene opens with Lucas in his closed shop waiting for Teer.)

    Lucas: (looking at clock)........ Come on.....

    (door opens, bell rings)

    Teer: I'm here!

    Lucas: Finally! WHAT TO YOU SO LONG!

    Teer: Sorry! Geez, I was getting lunch. Happy now?

    Lucas: Ok then. But you're late. Were not open anyway.

    Teer: Oh. Then why the heck am I here?

    Lucas: Because. I have a job for you. I need you to clean up 'round this joint.

    Teer: Clean up? But it looks fine!

    (Lucas shines headlights on floor to find hidden spider webs and tons of bugs crawling around.)

    Teer: AWW SICK!!!

    Lucas: Exactly. Get to work. (Lucas exits)

    (Teer grabs a broom)

    Teer: (sighs)

    (Time forwarded 1 hour. It is now 10:00 pm.)

    Teer: (puts down broom, panting)


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  • Lucasdials

    (Scene opens with Lucas and Teer outside Lucas' door)

    Teer: So, this is your place?

    Lucas: Yep, she's a beauty isn't she?

    Teer: Indeed, my friend. Indeed.

    (Both stop in living room)

    Lucas: So, why don't you tell me somthin' about yourself?

    Teer: You really wanna hear?

    Lucas: (laughs) Yeah. Every. Word.

    Teer: Oh, fine. Here it is. I came to Arizona from Las Vegas. (pretend there is an epic scene here) Had a bit of a problem. I'd hit up the Casino almost every night. Never lost a single game. Until that fateful day. June 5, 2010. Poker. Midnight. 9 guys. 1 winner. I risked it all; and lost it. I found myself homeless. No job, no home, no rep. I thought I was over. Thought I'd lost all hope until eventually I found a couple of night clubs deep in tow…

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  • DaGrantstanator

    The Incredibles 2 is a possible sequel that is being considered. Director Brad Bird has stated his intrest in wanting to make another film. It may or may not happen.

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  • Lucasdials

    LUDW Season 2, Ep. 2

    July 18, 2013 by Lucasdials

    (Scene opens same as last)

    Lucas: AHH! What the heck? Who are you? Figure: I'm RIGHT INFRONT OF YOU, My name is Teer, you tool. (Both move into town) Lucas: Ok . No need for name calling. But you're names kinda weird, and I can see you F.Y.I. Teer: My name is weird? Well actually I have to agree with you they're. My folks weren't always the smartest. Or alive. Lucas: (silent).....Oh. Teer: Yeah....A janitor picked my name. Lucas: Tough...Tough. (laughs under breath) ....Anyway, I've been looking for someone to hang out with, So? Teer: HECK YEAH! Lucas: Well let's ditch this joint! (Both leave. While leaving town they pass the courthouse, Where Mater and lightning are hanging out) Mater: Hey Lightning, what you think those too were talking' …

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  • Lucasdials

    BTW: In case you don't know, LUDW stands for Lucas's Up and Down World.

    This is Season 2, and this season also introduces a new character, including some new locations (Sooner) and smoother dialogue.

    (Scene opens with Lucas, Lightning, and Ramone sitting near the courthouse. Lightning and Lucas start breaking into discussion.)

    Lucas: Im just saying, it would be cool to have another person around sometimes, you know, like a fourth friend, because i gotta admit, sometimes 12 people just gets kind of boring.

    Lightning: Yeah, I know. It would be nice, but what kind of person are ya' gonna find in this freakin' town? Seriously dude.

    Lucas: True, true. Still, I'm gonna stick to it. You can just sit there, but I'm gonna go find another friend.

    (Lucas e…

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  • Lucasdials

    The season 2 premiere of LUDW is on its way.....And theres no need to wait. Im typing it right now.

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  • Shy guy yellow

    Diecast 2013

    July 1, 2013 by Shy guy yellow
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  • Patricier21

    Chat Help

    June 24, 2013 by Patricier21


    I just posted a chat here and on the Kane Chronicles wiki. I am New here. 

    How does the chat work? Can I get email notifications from it? 

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  • StormieCreater

    Pixar is an awesome company and I've been getting so many ideas from them! I was thinking I could make some ideas for a movie idea of any kind. Disney Infinity gave me the idea to make Legends of the Movies but most of the characters are reconizable from other movies. I was going to keep those thoughts inside my head. Another movie that I've thought of to make is Monster Trucks in which I got the idea from the new movie coming out August 9 Planes and Cars. In both of those movies, the main characters are males. After I figured it out, I decided to make the main protagonist a female. These thoughts will give me the ability to make the movie someday or now.

    StormieCreater (talk)STORMIECREATORStormieCreater (talk)

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