• Elfdemon101

    It's been confirmed that the new Toy Story world in Kingdom Hearts III will be canon to the Toy Story timeline:

    So, I guess this means that Sora, Xehanort, the Heartless, and all the complicated and intricate natures of the KH universe such as time travel, different realms, body swapping, cloning, and datascapes are all canon in Toy Story. This is amazing lmao

    So, yeah, I guess get ready to add the insane KH plot to the Toy Story wiki page when the game comes out in 2018 lol

    And for those who say that Tetsuya Nomura (Kingdom Hearts series director) doesn't ca…

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  • Smv19

    It has cpome to my attention that Andrew Stanton, the creator of Finding Nemo, has debunked the theory of Andy's Dad said by Mike Mozart. Well, allow me to tell you that, I'm calling a bluff on that! There could be a possibility that he's trying to deny this claim because he felt like Joe Ranft, who Mozart said created the story, would have wanted it to stay hidden. Well, Andrew, not to be a jerk, but regardless of whether you deny it or not, let's not just take your word over Mike's. I mean, it's not like Joe actually wanted the theory to stay hidden, whether he implied it or not. As SuperCarlinBrothers said, while there's nothing online to confirm the existence that Ranft has told the story of Andy's dad, there is no evidence that dispor…

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  • Steve993

    So recently in a live stream video from Youtuber/Toy Designer/Artist Mike Mozart has revealed an interesting, heartwarming, sad but in the end if true great story. That being he met and was friendly with the late Joe Ranft. The two had a few conversations in the couple of times they met but one of the most important conversations was one where Mike asked

    "What happened to Andy's dad? If he died recently wouldn't they have pictures of him? And it had to have been recently because of Molly's age? Or if he divorced Andy's mom then why would he again leave her with a 4 month year old baby girl?

    Well Joe answered that question and proceeded to tell Mike the whole apparent story that supposedly only he may know which could make sense because well …

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  • CartoonMan998

    Poll Elections

    May 23, 2017 by CartoonMan998
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  • RRabbit42

    Amongst the numerous promotions for Cars 3 is the one that is on the package of two of Quaker's products: Life cereal and Chewy granola bars. There's a code printed inside the box that you can redeem for $3 off movie tickets that are purchased through the Fandango website.

    I'll let you guys get the rest of the info by buying one or more of those products, but I wanted to point out a neat trick regarding the website where you enter the code to get the discount. It's at and you can use the zoom in and zoom out feature on your web browser to change how much of the picture of Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm is revealed.

    Most of the time, that picture stays the same size and everything else on the website changes like t…

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  • Cal Weathers

    Racing Career

    April 29, 2017 by Cal Weathers

    My racing Career Lightning McQueen started his racing career in the 2006,same as me but with only one difference he started in the piston cup while me in my studies.So in a way we can say that my studies is my racing career in my perspective.My father was like Strip Weathers in his studies,a seven time winner. Well,like Cal Weathers,I am like a veteran racer on tracks now.

    Well,I started in the 2006 piston cup season and I won the piston cup.But I had my own Radiator Springs to keep me down to earth. That was a great start for me.Throughout the other 5 years,I remain consistent in the top 3,top 5 and top 10.I could have won like my first year but there were much more intelligent racers but I was proud of my journey.

    Things began to change in…

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  • Rutilus118

    I've been watching the movie lately, and I've noticed these two boy ants that tease and bully Dot a lot. What are their names?

    (Leave your guesses below.)

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  • ByeByeLotso

    Lotso is a jerk

    February 5, 2017 by ByeByeLotso

    He should go to hell

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  • Patricier21

    As they are exclusive to the US, if it wouldn’t be too much to ask, I was wondering if anyone could please screen capture (using software like Quicktime or Screenflick) and upload or provide a download link of The Good Dinosaur’s Target Exclusive Extras, of which can only be accessed through entering a code from The Good Dinosaur’s Target Exclusive blu ray into Disney Movies Anywhere. I am working on a project detailing the Original Version of The Good Dinosaur that was slated for release in 2014 before it got delayed and reworked into its final version released in 2015. I’m wondering if its two Target Exclusive Extras, the Raptor Trap Deleted Scene, and The World of The Good Dinosaur Featurette may contain any Original Version and or othe…

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  • Smv19

    Pixar Movie Rankings

    November 28, 2016 by Smv19

    1. Cars 3

    2. Inside Out 

    3. Monsters University 

    4. Toy Story 3 

    5. Finding Dory 

    6. Cars 2 

    7. Finding Nemo 

    8. Toy Story 2 

    9. Ratatouille 

    10. The Incredibles

    11. Monsters Inc. 

    12. WALL-E 

    13. Cars 

    14. Up 

    15. The Good Dinosaur 

    16. Toy Story 

    17. Brave 

    18. A Bug's Life

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