• FreezingTNT

    Ideas for Finding Marlin

    February 17, 2018 by FreezingTNT

    These are my ideas for a Finding Marlin.

    The film begins with Marlin, Nemo, and Dory getting ready for bed. Nemo and Dory ask Marlin what happened to Nemo's mother (Coral), Marlin tells them what happened. Then, Marlin and Nemo go into their anemone, and Dory goes to her brain coral, then they all fall asleep. Later, at midnight, Marlin has a nightmare about losing Coral and their eggs to the barracuda. He wakes up, screaming in fear, and he wakes up Nemo and Dory in the process. Nemo and Dory ask him what's wrong, and Marlin says nothing, telling them to go back to sleep. Marlin then goes to a rock, thinking about Coral.

    The following morning, on the way to bring Nemo to school, Marlin sees that people have families, reminding him of his lif…

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  • FreezingTNT

    Hello there, I have ideas for a Finding Marlin. I want this to be submitted to Pixar because my Finding Marlin fan page is a good idea for them to use. Yes, I know they'll reject my idea, but there's more people in the fandom and public than in Pixar. I really want to see my Finding Marlin idea become a real movie, and everyone will love it. :)

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  • FirePuppy

    What if Al became rich?

    February 15, 2018 by FirePuppy

    I was wondering, what if Al suddenly became rich after what happened at the end of Toy Story 2?

    This short story is based on Bryko614's version posted in August 2010, 7 1/2 years ago.

    Outside Al's Toy Barn, a camera crew surrounds Al, who is in a chicken suit. He looks towards the camera in tears.

    "Welcome to Al's Toy Barn. We've got the lowest prices in town, everything for a buck, buck, buck." He starts sobbing, looks away from the camera and covers his head in shame as he has a breakdown.

    "And... cut! Perfect!" says the camera man.

    Al runs away, still in tears and in his chicken costume. As he heads towards his car, he trips on a wire and falls to the ground, the impact stopped by his chicken suit.

    "Oh, why me?! Why is it always me?! Ohhh..." …

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  • DaveyApex84

    2010 Piston Cup pitties

    February 10, 2018 by DaveyApex84

    Jerry trained for years to be a stunt car but never quite made the cut. It certainly wasn't for lack of talent though. The truth is, forklifts just don't make good stunt cars. Thankfully, Jerry could always fall back on his legendary juggling ability. If you're lucky, you'll spot him practicing in the wee hours of the morning in various secluded parking lots.

    • Luke was The King's very first pit crew member. The King's pit stops may have taken a lot longer with only one pitty, but they were done a lot better. For many years now, Luke has had dinner at The King's house every Tuesday night, and their wives are in a bowling league together. In 2010 Luke works in Dinoco team.

    Stacy works for Leakless Adult Drip Pans. She's a propane-powered forkli…

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  • DaveyApex84

    When the online dating site first became a Piston Cup sponsor, they wanted a car living up to it's image. Jimmy Cables was not just the #1 pick, but the #00 pick! He has tons of experience with dating girls on Intersection, nearly got married twice, and only dated 5 fat basement hobos with deceiving profile pics! It's not the best image to have on the track, but he still does great, constantly right in the shadows of Lightning, Cal, Bobby, and Brick. After being "Flip Dover" in 2017 for another Intersection user who happened to be a next-gen, he didn't really mind, and just kept doing his own Intersection happily ever after.

    Really loving the race car, and it was very difficult path to become a racer, but no one took it unt…

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  • RickAndMortyTheorist
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  • RickAndMortyTheorist

    I started writing theories when I saw videos by MatPat(The Film Theorists, The Game Theorists, GTLive) And The SuperCarlinBrothers and after I watched the animated TV Show, Rick And Morty and Gravity Falls I started noticing(Like everyone else)connections between the two shows. Some of my proudest theories are the Operation Pheonix Theory(Rick And Morty), The Infinetentiary Time Prison Theory(Gravity Falls), Max Is 010(Stranger Things Theory) And The Boo/Mary Gibbs/The Witch Is The Creator Theory(Disney Pixar Theory).

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  • Josejim1307

    Brian Spark deletion

    January 19, 2018 by Josejim1307

    How come you deleted Brian Spark? That was the name given to him in the film.

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  • Daniellewiki


    December 30, 2017 by Daniellewiki

    Why doesn't this wiki have badges?

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  • Smv21

    My Pixar Ranking Redone

    November 23, 2017 by Smv21

    1. Cars 3

    2. Inside Out 

    3. Monsters University 

    4. Toy Story 3 

    5. Finding Dory 

    6. Cars 2 

    7. Finding Nemo 

    8. Toy Story 2 

    9. Ratatouille 

    10. The Incredibles

    11. Monsters Inc. 

    12. WALL-E 

    13. Cars 

    14. Up 

    15. The Good Dinosaur 

    16. Toy Story 

    17. Brave 

    18. Coco

    19. A Bug's Life

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