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SpeciesPorcupine Pufferfish
HomeSouth Pacific Ocean
(formerly Bob's Fish Mart)
Quote(s)"Whoa, whoa, whoa, little buddy. There's nothing to be afraid of."
Behind the scenes
PerformerBrad Garrett
AppearancesFinding Nemo

Bloat is a porcupine pufferfish in Finding Nemo.


Bloat is a porcupine pufferfish who lives in Philip Sherman's office tank. When he gets scared or agitated, he bloats up, and then one of the other fish has to deflate him. Bloat is from "Bob's Fish Mart."

In the ending of the film, Bloat and the rest of the Tank Gang escape the aquarium exactly as Gill had planned, but Bloat then asks, "Now what?" ending the gang's joy of escape and causing them to worry about how they will get out of their plastic bags. However, during the credits, the tank fish have escaped their bags somehow. As the credits continue to roll, Bloat is seen having a brief dispute with Gurgle. He then bloats up, and Gill and Gurgle start spiking Bloat around like a volleyball.


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