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Appeared in: Cars

Bert is one of the several cameramen in the 2006 film Cars, along with Andrea and Tim Rimmer.

Blu-Ray Cars Finder Description

"Someday, when Bert finds a gallery that understands his abstract motion-blur photography, he'll be recognized as the true artist he really is. In the meantime though, it's his job as paparazzo that pays the bills. And yes paparazzo is the singular use for paparazzi, and yes it means oversize mosquito in Italian."[1]


  • Bert has been released in the Cars Die-Cast Line.
  • According to Cars Finder, Bert is a Ducham Futuro.



  1. "Cars Finder" (supplementary material on Blu Ray Disc release of Cars). 2007. Blu Ray Disc. Walt Disney Home Entertainment, 2007.

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