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Baby Bumblebee
Appeared in: Cars teaser trailer
"Oh, I killed a baby bumblebee!"
Mater, after the Baby Bumblebee splats onto his windshield

The Baby Bumblebee is a minor character in the Cars teaser trailer.


The Baby Bumblebee's only appearance is at the beginning of the very first Cars trailer.

The baby bumblebee is seen flying over to a flower. Suddenly, Mater zooms by and kills the bumblebee, which gets in his eyes, making him not see where he's going. Lightning McQueen then drives by and asks Mater what's wrong. Mater tells Lightning that he accidentally killed the baby bumblebee, and mourns for its death. Lightning then tells Mater that his bawling could get a lot worse. When Mater asks what else could be worse, a swarm of baby bumblebees fly in Lightning's mouth, which makes Mater become happy again and burst out laughing.

For some reason, unlike many of the other "animals" in the film, the baby bumblebee isn't car-ified.

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