Baboso Goretega is a character in Monsters University. He is a member of the Jaws Theta Chi fraternity. He is a blue slug/shark-like monster with blue eyes.


  • There was one scene where Baboso was not shown as a Monsters University student. After James P. Sullivan managed to sneak away with Archie the Scare Pig, Fear Tech's mascot, you can see him, or an identical monster, with other students, as a Fear Tech student. Coincidentally, Baboso was not in any further scenes with Jaws Theta Chi, but appeared in the official portrait with the fraternity, showing that he might have transferred just during or after Sulley and Mike's expulsion and joined Jaws Theta Chi at the time.
  • "Baboso" is taken from "babosa", which is "slug" in Spanish.
  • In the "Monsters University Fearbook", Baboso is shown to have three eyes instead of two.