WALL•E in Life Pod 19 12

Wall-E and Eve escape from the Axiom ship

Wall-E and Eve escape from the Axiom ship

The Axiom seen in WALL•E has a series of thousands of escape pods, in which each hold six passengers. They are programmed to return immediately to Earth and are equipped with flares, signal antennae, a parachute, windshield wipers, an inflatable ring to keep them afloat if they land in water, and a self-destruct mechanism, which is used by GO-4 in an attempt to destroy the plant.


EVE plans to send WALL•E back to Earth in Life Pod 19 12 because of the trouble he is getting himself into. However, WALL•E wants EVE to go with him, and while they are "arguing", GO-4 comes to the very same pod bay. EVE and WALL•E hide, and then discover that he has stolen the plant. WALL•E tries to retrieve the plant, but GO-4 jettisons the pod from the ship, and WALL•E is sent off into space with the pod on self destruct.