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Angus MacLane is a Pixar employee who has worked on every theatrical release since A Bug's Life. Starting as an animator and storyboard artist, he has progressed to directing animator on WALL•E and directed the short films BURN-E and Small Fry. MacLane grew up in Portland, Oregon.[1] He is a LEGO hobbyist and has built and posted online many models,[2] including his CubeDudes and LEGO renditions of several Pixar characters. On February 5, 2015, LEGO Ideas (a subdivision of LEGO that turns fan-built models into official LEGO products) announced that they had chosen his model of WALL•E to be a future official set.[3]


Animation Character Developer



Directing Animator

Supervising Animator

Production Artist

Storyboard Artist




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  3. LEGO Ideas Second 2014 Review Results: Announcing LEGO Ideas #011 and #012

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