Andy's Toy Box is where Andy Davis stores his toys in the Toy Story movies.


It is based on a western wagon.


Toy Story 

In Toy Story, Mr. Shark is seen in the toy box at the beginning. Later Andy puts Etch A Sketch and Woody in the box during the Strange Things montage.

Toy Story 2

In Toy Story 2, Sarge and the Green Army Men are seen looking for Woody's lost hat. Later during the roll call, Mr. Shark, [[Troll], Roly Poly Clown and Snake are seen in there.

Toy Story 3

In Toy Story 3, it is where Andy keeps his remaining toys - Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Hamm, Rex, Slinky Dog, Bullseye, Mr. Potato Head, Mrs. Potato Head and the Aliens.

Toy Story Treats

It is also seen in some Toy Story Treats.


  • The 2010 Ultimate Toy Box collection set that contains Blu-ray and DVD copies of all three movies features the discs in a tiny replica of the toy box in Toy Story 3.
  • In Toy Story 3, a sticker of Nemo, the titular character of Finding Nemo, is on the box.
    • Coincidentally Buzz made an appearance in Finding Nemo.