A Bug's Life (Cars) is a movie in the credits of Cars being shown at the Radiator Springs Drive-In Theatre. It is a film made with cars that closely follows the plot A Bug's Life featuring Flik, P.T. Flea and the circus cars.


The car version of Flik yells to the car version of the circus cars, "Circus cars? How can you be circus cars?" Leaving P.T. Flea to reply, "These are the lousiest circus cars in the world and they're gonna make me rich!" (Replacing "bugs" with "cars")

Then Mack, who was watching the movie, says: "Wait a minute, here. They're just using the same actor over and over. What kind of a cut-rate production is this?" A nod to the fact they all share the voice actor, John Ratzenberger.


A Bug`s Life in Cars 2

Poster of the movie in Cars 2

  • This is the only parodied film that didn't have its name changed. This is most likely because the title is actually a pun on "insect" and "Volkswagen Beetle."
  • Frank can be seen in the background watching the movie.
  • Dave Foley and John Ratzenberger reprised their roles of Flik and P.T. Flea as cars.
  • A poster of the movie makes a brief cameo appearance in Cars 2.