"It's a Wild West trail adventures with the Toy Story heroes!"
—Ad Campaign

It's a Wild West train chase with the Toy Story heroes!

7597 Western Train Chase is one of the sets from the second wave of LEGO Toy Story sets. It is made up of 584 pieces and based on the opening scene of Toy Story 3.



From LEGO:

"Time is running out! Rex is trapped in a boxcar that?s packed with dynamite rigged by Evil Doctor Porkchops! Can his friends rescue him in time? As Woody fights Porkchops on the roof, Buzz Lightyear is flying in for the rescue while Jessie tries to catch up to the run-away train riding Bullseye. Set includes Evil Doctor Porkchops, Rex, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie and Bullseye figures. Train features four train cars with opening doors and roofs, and traps on the roof for more action!"


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