"Woody and Hamm are about to meet a fiery fate!"
—Ad Campaign

Woody and Hamm are about to meet a fiery fate!

7596 Trash Compactor Escape is one of the sets from the second wave of LEGO Toy Story sets. It is made upof 370 pieces.



From LEGO:

"The evil Lotso is planning on getting rid of the other toys once and for all! Woody and Hamm got thrown into the garbage and are now stuck on the conveyer belt heading straight for the incinerator. Can their alien friends use the crane and claw to rescue them in time? Or will Lotso be victorious? Set includes Lotso, Hamm, Woody and alien figures, and trash compactor play set with functioning crane claw, dumpster and conveyer belt."


  • This set is based on the climatic scene of Toy Story 3 where Lotso leaves Woody and his friends to die.
  • This set hinted that Lotso was going to be the main villain of Toy Story 3.


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