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February 20, 2011
  • I live in Québec
  • I was born on March 31
  • My occupation is looking forward to Inside Out.
  • I am from a kingdom long ago, an enigma wrapped in mystery! We've battled every foe, since before the dawn of history! History! Battlesaurs! Battlesaurs! Battlesaurs!

About me

Hello ! I'm an editor here on Pixar Wiki since February 2011. I also have admin rights, so if you have any questions about the site, feel free to leave a message on my talk page!

I live in Quebec, Canada. My primary language is French, but, as you can see, I can write English. Nevertheless, it may still occur from time to time that I shoot some incredibly weird sentences in French-like grammar, and I apologize for this.

I have been a fan of Pixar since young age. It started when with Finding Nemo, which I was crazy about; it still remains today one of my favourite Pixar movies. After that, I considered Pixar to be the best animation studio in the world, and arguably I was right. As time passed, I followed more and more closely what Pixar was releasing. Cars and WALL-E became new favorites of mine. And when Cars 2 was announced, for some reason, despite no longer being a little boy (or was I ?), I was greatly excited. I have grown as a big fan of cars, both real and anthropomorphic, and had been impressed by the first Cars. I started trying to get every single news on the upcoming movie, like fans usually do, and gained some knowledge in the process... Finally, I noticed that there were some things I could help on Pixar Wiki, of which I was then a very regular reader... So I subscribed, and did my first edits. And I have stayed ever since then.

Outside of the Pixar world, I have great interest in birding, and also some kind of ability at drawing...

My favorite pages


For some reason, on this wiki we are using for Cars 2 characters a type of character image with a blue writing and a black backgorund. I had a preference for another type of character images, with white writing and a less dark background, which I thought were better designed... For this reason I compiled and listed all of them here for reference.


  • My username comes from a bird. The Gray Catbird (Dumetella carolinensis) is a North American bird, with an overall gray appearance, a black cap and reddish underparts. It's named for its cat-like call. Like other members of its family, it mimics the songs of other birds, and even mechanical sounds. I've already heard one imitating a handful of species in a row; pretty impressive!


This sections contains some tests I did, as I tried to improve some pages. I keep them for archiving purposes...

Missing Racecars (Info collected for Piston Cup racecars)

At one time, the Piston Cup racers page wasn't complete. I wanted to complete it, and that was a bit complicate, as there are 36 known racers... So I've searched, and listed them, before finally adding all that information to the page...

done Lee Revkins

done Manny Flywheel

done Ryan Shields

done Murray Clutchburn

done James Cleanair

done Eugene Carbureski

done Kevin Racingtire

done Ruby "Easy" Oaks

done Johnny Blamer

done Chuck Armstrong

done Brush Curber

done Haul Inngas

done Ponchy Wipeout

done Ralph Carlow

done Misti Motorkrass

done Kevin Shiftright

done Mac iCar

done Greg Candyman

done Sage VanDerSpin

Race Teams Crew (info collected for Piston Cup racecars)

done Rust-eze Medicated Bumper Ointment - Lightning McQueen : Not Chuck (first race) -- Luigi, Guido, Fillmore and Sarge (Last race) ; Mack

done Octane Gain - Billy Oilchanger : Dudley Spare

done Leak Less - Claude Scruggs : Stacy ; Earl Filter (chief)

done Dinoco - The King : Luke Pettlework ; Rotor Turbosky ; Gray ; Dinoco Girls

done RPM : "Petrol" Pulaski

done No Stall - Todd Marcus : Roman Dunes (chief) ; Shirley Spinout

done Shiny Wax : Senior Trax (chief) ; Nebekenezer Schmidt

done Nitroade : You go Fast

done Tank Coat : Jerry Drivechain

done Spare Mint : Piccolo Perry ; Ernest B. Raykes (chief)

done Hostile Takeover Bank - Chick Hicks : Chief Chick (chief) ; Bruiser Bukowski

done Vitoline : Vitoline Pitty

done N2O Cola : N2O Cola Pitty

Work in progress Brave

Maudie is constantly attacked by the triplets, who deploy complex machinations to steal the sweets she makes.

Maudie was the first to see Elinor transformed in a bear. Elinor tries to explain her what happened unsuccesfully but scares her off She alerts Fergus, thinking there is a bear in the. Later, as Fergus detains Merida, he gives Maudie the responsibility of keeping the room's key. Merida puts the triplets transformed in bear cubs after her, and after a short chase they take her the key. At the end of the film, as the lords prepare to quit the castle, she is seen flirted by a massive warrior of Clan Dingwall.

Re: World Grand Prix Crew Chiefs

The book was from a 2nd version of Meet the Cars and i got the image and the names from a video on youtube. There was a biography but i wasn't able to read it. Thanks, Paulinodelarosa

The video was Called "Meet the Pixar Cars book review" and under says by Blucollection. Type it exactly how i put it. Thanks again, Paulinodelarosa

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