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Tri-County International Airport

Aliens: "The mystic portal. Oooh!"
Buzz: "Once we go through, we just need to find that case."
Aliens and Buzz Lightyear, before they enter the maze of conveyor belts at the airport

Tri-County International Airport is an airport in the film Toy Story 2, where Al McWhiggin heads over to catch his flight to Tokyo, Japan. Unbeknownst to him, Buzz Lightyear, Hamm, Mr. Potato Head, Rex and Slinky Dog have followed him in a Pizza Planet delivery truck that they hijacked.

Its name is written on the sign that the Pizza Planet truck drives by, just before the scene cuts to a plane landing at the airport.

After the toys arrive there, they use a pet carrier to head into a maze of conveyor belts to find Al's case with Woody inside. Buzz finds the case and opens it, but is punched off the ramp by Stinky Pete. Woody then fights the Prospector for harming his friend. The Prospector reopens the tear in Woody's arm and offers him a choice of going to Japan "together or in pieces." When Woody refuses, the Prospector lifts his pick-axe, just about to finish Woody, but gets stunned by a flash camera that the toys have found in another green luggage. After the toys capture the Prospector, Woody instructs them to shove him into a Barbie backpack so he will learn "the true meaning of playtime." When the backpack emerges out into the baggage claim area, a little girl named Amy retrieves it and is surprised to see Stinky Pete. She has plans to do a makeover on him.

Later, Woody and Buzz mount Bullseye, who has emerged from the case in time, and they gallop across the airfield to rescue Jessie, who's still trapped in the case. Woody jumps onto a baggage cart and follows Al's case into the plane's cargo hold, where he finally finds Jessie, but the two become trapped inside the hold, prompting them to find another way out. Finding an emergency hatch in the plane, Woody and Jessie use it to get out. But Woody loses his balance, and Jessie grabs his hand as the plane heads down the runway. By that time, Buzz and Bullseye have caught up with the duo. Using his pull-string, Woody lassos a screw on the landing gear, and he and Jessie swing between the wheels and land on Bullseye, right behind Buzz. They watch as the plane takes off from the runway and disappears into the sky. The toys celebrate, but they are interrupted by yet another plane about to make a touchdown. Mission finally accomplished, Woody calmly says, "Let's go home."

After the toys return home, a baggage cart can be seen across the street from Andy's house, implying that they hijacked it from the airport to get back home in time before their owner, Andy, comes back home from Cowboy Camp. The following day, presumably due to the incidents at the airport, a sobbing Al dressed in a chicken suit is seen in the latest TV advertisement for Al's Toy Barn.


  • When the toys enter the airport, the announcement "Passenger Leon Krich" can be heard from the PA, a pun on co-director Lee Unkrich.
    • The subtitles for the above announcement reads "Passenger Twitch, passenger Leon Twitch."
  • When a Barbie backpack with Stinky Pete emerges out into the baggage claim area, the announcement "LassetAir Flight A113 now arriving from Point Richmond at gate three" can be heard from the PA. LassetAir is a pun on director John Lasseter. Flight A113 is a reference to a classroom at CalArts along with A113. And Point Richmond refers to Point Richmond, CA, where the Pixar studio was located before moving to Emeryville.
    • The subtitles for the above announcement reads "Atlantic Air flight eight..."
  • The scene where Woody, Buzz and Bullseye are chasing the baggage tractor to save Jessie resembles a typical western film scene where the hero chases a train on horseback. In fact, the first trailer after the tractor is open-topped, to give it the appearance of the tender of a steam locomotive.
  • The appearance of the front of the airport (the drop-off/taxi zone) appears to be designed after the Oakland International Airport in California, and the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Washington.

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