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The Queen (A Bug's Life)

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Performer: Phyllis Diller
Appeared in: A Bug's Life
"Don't you see, we can get somebody to go and find tough bugs to come and fight the grasshoppers!"
Flik to the council
"Oh, now why didn't I think of that? Oh! Because it's suicide!"
—The Queen responding to Flik

The Queen is the ruler of the ant colony in A Bug's Life. She is an elderly lavender ant, who is due to give up her crown to her eldest daughter Princess Atta. She also admonishes her younger daughter, Dot, for trying to fly before her wings grow in. She has a pet aphid called Aphie, whom she adores. She is also shown to have a possible romantic relationship with another elder ant, Cornelius. She participates in the magic act of the circus troupe to distract Hopper, in which she is placed into a Chinese Cabinet (actually, she stowed away hiding under Dim's wings).


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