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Film information
Directed byDan Scanlon
Produced byKori Rae
Story byDan Scanlon
Daniel Gerson
Robert L. Baird
Screenplay byDaniel Gerson
Robert L. Baird
Dan Scanlon[1]
Music byRandy Newman
MPAA ratingG
Release dateJune 21, 2013
Running time103 minutes[2]
Budget$200 million[3]
Box office$743,559,607[4]
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"Before they were incorporated, they had to be educated."
Monsters University - Final Exam Trailer(02:30)
Final Trailer
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Monsters University is Pixar's fourteenth feature length film, and is the prequel to the 2001 film Monsters, Inc.[5] It was directed by Dan Scanlon and produced by Kori Rae. John Goodman and Billy Crystal returned for the film. Randy Newman returned to compose the film's score.[6] The film was released on June 21, 2013. This marks the first prequel Pixar has ever produced. The film was accompanied by a short film titled The Blue Umbrella.[7] Monsters University was released in the United Kingdom on July 12, 2013.


During a field trip to the Monsters, Inc. factory, the friendless Michael “Mike” Wazowski is forced to walk with his teacher Karen Graves. When the class visits the Scare Floor, the children roar at the Scarers to show their skills. Superstar Scarer Frank McCay tells them that he studied Scaring by going to Monsters University, despite another Scarer claiming that Fear Tech is better; Frank says that MU is really the better school. Mike is forced behind his taller classmates; as a result, he cannot see the Scarers. However, he manages to sneak in the Scare Floor and follow Frank to the door he is about to open. As soon as Frank enters the child’s room, Mike follows and secretly looks at Frank sneaking to the bed and avoiding the child’s parents by pretending to be a piece of clothing. When the parents go away, Frank sneaks up to the child and scares him. After getting out of the door, everyone scolds Mike for going in the room, because he could’ve been killed. Frank confronts Mike, but instead of being upset, he’s impressed that Mike managed to sneak in without him noticing. He gives Mike a MU cap and winks at him. When Karen asks Mike what he has to say to defend himself, he simply asks “How do I become a Scarer?”

We then switch to a bus about to stop at Monsters University, where a 17-year-old Mike says farewell to the other monsters in the bus, but creeps them out due to the facts he knows about them. Mike arrives at MU and is extremely excited. After taking a picture for his ID card and visiting the school, he finally goes to his room, meets and befriends his roommate, the nerdy and shy Randall “Randy” Boggs, who has trouble controlling his invisibility power. When Randy suddenly disappears while greeting his new friend, Mike finds his power awesome instead of weird and tells Randy to use it more, to the chameleon’s shock. Randy soon gets rid of his glasses under Mike’s suggestion because they don’t turn invisible when he does. While Randy is worried about not being able to impress the cool kids, Mike is laid back and confident in his scaring abilities.

At their first day of class, Mike, Randy and the other students are greeted by the orange, dinosaur-like Professor Knight, who teaches Scaring. When Professor Knight explains how the class will go, the dean of the school, the dragon-like, millipede-legged Abigail Hardscrabble suddenly flies down the classroom and explains what it takes to be a great Scarer, being a legendary Scarer herself. After learning that failing an exam at the end of the semester will kick him out of the Scare Program, Mike becomes slightly worried, but is still confident. Suddenly, a student arrives late, James P. “Sulley” Sullivan, a natural Scarer. Despite having a lot of potential, Sulley never studies and always forgets his pencils and books whenever he goes to class.

Later that day, while Mike is studying scaring, Sulley breaks into his room to get back Archie the scare pig, rival college Fear Tech’s mascot. Mike ends up riding Archie after the pig stole his MU cap. Mike and Sulley end up stopping the pig in its tracks, although only Sulley gets the credit for it. Sulley’s acts attract the attention of many fraternities, including Omega Howl and Jaws Theta Chi, but the top fraternity, Roar Omega Roar, gets Sulley’s attention. While Roar Omega Roar’s president, Johnny Worthington III, talks to Sulley, Mike tries to get their attention and follow them to a party, but is stopped by the purple, one-eyed, crab-like Chet Alexander. Sulley tells Mike that the party is for scare students who “have a chance” after Mike says that he is indeed, a scare student. This event in particular causes an intense rivalry between the two. The following scenes show Mike and Sulley competing against each other in various aspects, including natural scaring, which Mike lacks, and actually knowing about scare tactics, which Sulley lacks.

The day of the Final Exam arrives, and the RORs have threatened Sulley of removing him from the fraternity if he fails the exam to Mike. The Final Exam consists of a screen-simulator where each monster must perform the appropriate scare tactic assigned to each mock child in order to pass the exam. Roar Omega Roar watches from the back of the lecture hall and Sulley sees Mike studying. In order to mock him, Sulley pushes Mike's books off his desk, causing the two to struggle. Mike begins to roar at Sulley, to show him what he's capable of. Unimpressed, Sulley roars back. That goes on until they gain the attention of Dean Hardscrabble. Suddenly, Sulley trips over one of Mike's books and stumbles into Dean Hardscrabble's scare can, containing her record-breaking scream inside. It drops to the floor and breaks open, rocketing all over the room, getting damaged beyond repair. Strangely enough, Hardscrabble acts quite calm about it, then dismisses it as an accident, and she continues Mike and Sulley's exam. She asks Mike to inform her which scare would be used for a child afraid of lightning, he remembers the scare tactic perfectly but when demonstrates, Hardscrabble dismisses him before he can even try, telling him he is just not scary enough and to leave the program. When she is about to test Sulley, he just roars at her, without letting her finish declaring the task. He claims that he doesn't need to know all that "stuff" to scare a child, because he's scary enough without it. Hardscrabble informs him, that if he would've listened to her, he would've known that the child was afraid of snakes, and his roar wouldn't have made it scream. Instead it would have started to cry, alerting the parents and possibly exposing the monster world to the humans. Because of his sheer arrogance, Hardscrabble dismisses Sulley from the program, too. Instead of becoming Scarers, Mike and Sulley join the extremely boring Scream Can Design school where Sulley is visibly angry at Mike.

Mike is so upset that his dream of being in the Scare Program has ended so soon, that he throws his book at the wall knocking down his calendar revealing a poster of the "Scare Games". That gives him the idea for getting out of his misery. He runs out his dorm room, past an angry Sulley who follows him. The sign-up for the Scare Games is nearing a close as the school gathers to listen to Dean Hardscrabble explaining how to win the games you must be the "most fearsome monsters on campus!". Just before the end of the sign-up, Mike stands up on a car and shouts out his sign up for his new fraternity - Oozma Kappa! Everyone breaks out in a laugh as Oozma Kappa isn't really the scariest group of monsters on campus. Dean Hardscrabble tells Mike he is making a fool out of himself, and that he will never win. So, Mike proposes a wager with Hardscrabble - if OK wins, they must be allowed into the Scaring Program. She agrees, but also tells Mike that if they lose, he will leave Monsters University. And she also tells him there must be six members to join the games, and they only have five, as the rules of the games only count bodies as team-members, and so the multi-headed monster Terri and Terry count only as one. Mike, starting to get desperate as his plan starts to fail, asks Randall to join Oozma Kappa, but he finally became part of the cool guys at Roar Omega Roar and he warns Mike to not mess that up. Instead, Sulley joins Mike's team. Despite Mike's effort to find someone besides him, there is nobody else who would join his bunch of losers, so they are accepted into the games.

The Oozma Kappa house turns out be that of Squishy's mother. It looks nothing like the usual fraternity houses. The monsters introduce themselves in the living room: Don, a mature student who was unlucky in his sales business and decided to return to school. Art, a flamboyant and laidback art major who gives Mike and Sulley a "dream journal". Terri and Terry Perry, who share one body, and Squishy, an "unwelcomed" little guy with many eyes. Mike and Sulley look at each other as the guys are estactic to have new brothers. Later that night, Mike and Sulley find out they will be sharing a very small room together. The other OKs turn the power off and host an initiation in the basement, which is supposed to be spooky but is shortly interrupted by Squishy's mother, Sheri, who is doing laundry in the back room. The next day a letter from the Scare Games arrive, announcing the first challenge of the game: The Toxicity Challenge. 

Each challenge of the Scare Games represents a part of the job of a future Scarer. In the Toxicity Challenge, the players must simultaneously race through a tunnel and avoid toxic stinging, glowing urchin-like balls that were produced by the Biology department, just as a Scarer has to avoid "toxic" toys and clothes in a children's room. And because Scarers work in the night, the lights in the tunnel are turned off. Mike and Sulley immediately take their rivalry to the starting line. Roar Omega Roar comes in first, but although Mike and Sulley (still fighting with each other) come shortly after, the OK gets eliminated, because the whole team is required to cross the finish line. Mike is heartbroken and Dean Hardscrabble tells Mike it would've taken a miracle to keep them in the games. But at this moment, the JOX fraternity is found to have cheated by using illegal protective gel and is disqualified, miraculously allowing Oozma Kappa to stay in the games.

Oozma Kappa is joyfully celebrating that they somehow survived the first round. But Mike and Sulley aren't happy with each other at all. Mike tries to make the best out of the team he has, but Sulley is totally undiscerning and doesn't think that any of the Oozma Kappas is real Scarer material. Mike tries to gather the talents of his team mates, but outside of Terry and Terri's cheap magic tricks and Don's annoying suckers, he doesn't get much. So he decides to take full responsibility over the team and anyone else is just supposed to do exactly what he does.

The next challenge of the Scare Games starts. This time, the players have to sneak through the MU library, without getting caught by the librarian: a giant slug-like old woman with very good ears and a very scary appearance, who will attack and throw out anybody who does the smallest noise. The aim for every team is to snatch a flag with their symbol on it, like a Scarer has to reach their child without getting caught by their parents. Outside of thoughtlessly following Mike, sneaking and being silent, the OKs don't have a any plan, until Sulley, totally bored, starts a solo-run, followed by a mad Mike. They end up making a loud noise, but just as they are about to be caught by the librarian, the other OKs start to make noises to distract her. While all of them finally escape the library, Squishy was able to steal the flag, because he is very good at sneaking soundless, something Mike totally overlooked. The EEK team is eliminated, and Oozma Kappa is announced to be one of the four remaining contestants.

In the night after the second round, Oozma Kappa is surprisingly invited to a Scare Games-mid mixer party for the Top Scarers of the campus in the ROR's house. While the rest of his team is enjoying the party, Mike admires the Scare Games trophy and his reflection in it, fascinated by the fact that he is so close at getting everything he always dreamed about. Johnny Worthington III then holds a speech and greets his fellow contestants, but when he comes to the OKs, he just mocks them and Randall, again betraying his former friend Mike for the cool guys, activates a trap that douses them with colourful paint, confetti and flowers to make them look foolish. Prostrated, the OKs go home.

The next day, Mike and the OKs realize that the whole campus is overflown with pictures of their humiliation of the previous day. They confess to Mike, that they are thankful for everything he's done for them, but in the end they will stay the unscariest monsters for all their lives and they will never be able to become real Scarers. Mike then gets an idea. He persuades his fellows to follow him on a secret night field trip to the Monsters, Inc. - in which they break in. Through a window, Mike shows the OKs the Scare Floor where his dream of becoming a Scarer has started. He explains that all the Scarers are different like they are - some have too many heads like Terry and Terri, some are older than the rest like Don, but they all have learned to break through all obstacles to become real Scarers. That impresses even Sulley, and he and Mike are starting to warm up for each other, because they share the same dream and the same fascinations. But then, the OKs are detected by the security and barely escape.

With fresh confidence awaken, the OKs are training hard for the next round. Mike and Sulley have learned to stand each other. While Mike is starting to see the real potential of his team, Sulley starts to accept his strategies. They receive the letter for the next challenge of the Scare Games, where they have to haste through a maze and scare pictured children, but hide from from pictures of teenagers, who while similar to children and equally poisonous, aren't so easily scared. This time, the OKs master the challenge without any luck and with pure skills, and they finish in second place just after the RORs (PNK is eliminated in the event, as they scared the teenagers and got boxed in). They repeat their exploit at the next challenge of the Scare Games, where they have to hide in the ROR house from security, in the same way a Scarer has to hide from children's parents (HSS is eliminated). The OKs and the RORs are the last two contestants for the big final. Dean Hardscrabble talks to Sulley and shows her respect for him, but notes that there is at least one monster in his team, that will not make the final Scare-Simulator Challenge of the Scare Games, because he's just not scary enough - meaning Mike. Sulley defends him, saying that Mike works harder than anyone else for that, but Hardscrabble points out that someone like Mike will never be able to scare a child.

In the night before the great finale, Sulley talks friendly to Mike and thanks him for all the work he has put into the team. He then decides to do something for him and gives him scare tutoring. He shows him his scare-techniques, but soon gives it up, after seeing what an amateur he is, without letting him know. Secretly, he's starting to agree with Hardscrabble about Mike's unscariness.

The Final Challenge of the Scare Games arrive. The champions Roar Omega Roar versus the underdog-surprise Oozma Kappa. The both contestants have to battle each other in the Scare-Simulator-Challenge, where one by one, every monster of each team has to enter their Scare-Simulator, read and interpret the mock child-information, choosing a scare-technique and then scare the dummy as much as they can, on the highest difficulty level. The team that reaches the most scream-energy wins the challenge and the Scare Games. Before the challenge starts, Mike discusses his strategy with his team. He wants to go in first, right before Don and Sulley should do last round. But Sulley wants to give Mike the honor of finishing the Scare Games for them, because he was one who started it. Mike is pleased and agrees to go in last, right after Sulley. Don makes the start and makes good use of his suckers. Surprisingly he scores a pretty high score and so are Terry and Terri that uses his appearance like a human body to scare in the act, Art that uses his flexibility to move around the room and even Squishy that uses his eyes to realize something similar like a zombie face, but their opponents are also very good. In the second last round, Sulley from the OKs battles Randall from the RORs. Sulley has learned and studies the mick child-info, before he goes in. Then he chooses a different scare-technique than just his usual roar and even produces a small earth-quake. He score's very high, while his quake brought Randall in the other Scare-Simulator out of balance, so that his uncontrolled camouflage-ability mistakenly took the colour of the child room carpet - a very bright pink with tiny hearts on it. Because of his rather neat than scary looks, his score is rather low and when he comes out of the simulator, Randall gets mocked by his fellow RORs. Extremely angry, Randall swears that he'll one day take revenge on Sullivan for this humiliation - setting the stage for their upcoming rivalry in Monsters, Inc.

The last round of the final starts and Mike gets ready. He gets laughed at by the audience and the RORs when he enters the simulator. He knows exactly what he does and is ready to show the whole Monster University what Mike Wazowski can do. While he hides in front of the bed, the memories of all the scorn and derision he got over his life raced through Mike's head and he unleashed it all in one giant roar that makes the dummy scream as loud as it can and generates the highest score possible. Mike can't believe it, but the audience is amazed and jubilates for him. Against all expectations and to everybody's surprise, the Oozma Kappas won the Scare Games.

Joyfully Mike holds the Scare Game trophy for the OK's. All his dreams suddenly came true. Even Dean Hardscrabble congratulates them. Although not very pleased, she welcomes all the OKs back at the Scaring-Class like she promised. After the audience left, Mike still celebrates with his fellow OKs. When they are about to leave, too, Mike playfully gives the dummy a last little scare. But the dummy reacts enormously to this and gives him full points. At first Mike thought he might even be a better Scarer than he himself thought, but then he tried it again and again and every time  the dummy screamed its head off and gave Mike the highest possible score. Curiously, Sulley started to look uncomfortable, when Mike just snapped his finger in front of the dummy and its reaction was the same. Mike than became suspicious and checked the settings of the simulator. He found out that the difficulty-controller for the other scarings were on the highest level as they should be, but the last one - Mike's controller - was on the easiest. He came to the conclusion that someone messed around with it and therefore cheated. Mike got extremely mad and asked Sulley if he was responsible. Sulley admits the truth in front of his fellow team mates, saying that he wanted to cheat because he thought Mike would never be able to pass this challenge and they all would have lost. Heartbroken and angry, Mike shouts at Sulley that he thought they were friends and that he betrayed him. Now he doesn't even know if he's really worthy of the trophy and if he really would have won the Games for his team, but he swears to Sulley and to himself that he will find out.

Sulley is welcomed back by the RORs, but he isn't interested anymore. Instead he's worried about Mike who has somehow vanished. When he sees Dean Hardscrabble he confesses to her that he has cheated in the Games. He takes full responsibility and therefore, Dean Hardscrabble calls him a shame for the whole Monster University and immediately expels him. At the same time, Mike waited in front of the Door Manufacturer Laboratories, after he has listened to a girl who has worked the whole semester on a door that is about to get shredded tomorrow, because it is too dangerous. Without knowing what that means, Mike skillfully steals the key card for the laboratory and breaks in. He activates the energy, opens the door and enters the Human World.

Mike sneaks out of the wardrobe and finds a little girl sleeping in a wooden bed. A real child - not a dummy. He gets nervous but he takes all his courage together. He must do that in order to prove himself! But his nervous roar only wakes the girl up. Sleepy, the girl sees Mike and says: "Cute!" This wakes another girl up, who's sleeping in the same room. To his horror, Mike finds out that he isn't in a children's room. He is inside the girl's sleeping bungalow of a Summer Camp - filled with poisonous girls that find him and his scare-attempts funny and cute and badly want to touch him.

At the same time, in the Monster World, Sulley and Hardscrabble hear the alert and hurry into the Door Manufacturer Laboratories. Hardscrabble hears, that some monster went through the door and commands to cordon off the door until the Child Detection Agency is on scene. But Sulley knows that it was Mike who went through the door and he cannot let his friend get stranded in the Human World. Against Hardscrabble cautions, Sulley enters the Human World. There he finds an empty bungalow - no sight of Mike. But through a window he can see the emergency lights of a police car and an amazed bunch of girls that described to the adults a green eyeball, that entered their room and fled into the forest. Sulley decides to follow Mike's traces and runs also into the forest, but not without getting glimpsed by the policemen. Mistaking him for a bear, they hunt Sulley into the forest, but he is able to shake them off. He then finds Mike sitting at the shore of a lake, hidden behind rowboats. Sulley sits down next to him and they start a sorrowful conversation. Mike explains that he wasn't able to scare those children. He is not able to scare anyone with his looks. And he is mad at Sulley, because Monsters like him have everything. Even when they totally mess things up, they are still beloved by anyone. But Sulley doesn't see it that way. He confesses to Mike that he is one giant failure. He always thought that he, as a Sullivan, should be scary without even trying, while Mike made everything right, right from the very first day on. He worked hard and got better and better, while he would still be at the very beginning without Mike. It was then, when they found something in each other that helped them look forward, before they got found by the policemen. Without losing time, the two of them hurried back into the bungalow and open the wardrobe, but find out, that the door must have been shut down. Without energy, they wouldn't be able, to return to the Monster World. The policeman come closer and Mike came up with an idea. Even without energy, the door must still be linked to this wardrobe.  They need to produce an extreme amount of Scream-Energy. Then, maybe, they would be able to provide the door with enough energy, to activate it from their side. It's their only chance, but Sulley has his doubts. He may be good at scaring children, but these policemen are adults and adults usually can not be scared. But Mike encourages him, that together, they have come so far in the Scare Games, and together, they will come out of this mess, too. Sulley agrees and they start the show.

The policemen enter the bungalow and find it totally empty. Strange things are going on, weird sounds and shadows spook through the room, all produced by Mike and Sulley. When the horror is high enough, Sulley jumps out of the dark and roars as loud as he can, scaring all the adults out of their skins. Their screams aren't just powerful enough to activate the door, but, to the surprise of Dean Hardscrabble on the other side, also let all Scream Canisters in the entire laboratory explode. Without losing time, Mike and Sulley hurry back into the Monster World, only short before the door explodes also. Dean Hardscrabble, the master Scarer of all, is too shocked to say something to them.

After that, Sulley and Mike say goodbye to their fellow Oozma Kappas. Sulley feels sorry for them that they got expelled from Scaring once again thanks to him, but they don't take it that hard. They now know what they are capable of and thank Mike and Sulley for their chance. Mike and Sulley now agree to them, that it's okay just being okay. Then they say goodbye to each other. Mike takes the next bus back to Monstropolis - the same he took on his way to the campus for the first time. But before he can leave Monster University, Sulley stops the bus and explains to Mike that they don't need to go separate ways. He recalls all the things Mike has done at his time on the campus and that Sulley would have been totally lost without him. He doesn't know what everyone else thinks, not even what Hardscrabble thinks. It was then, when Hardscrabble landed behind him and told Sulley to watch his mouth. But then she tells them both that, although she can not do anything about their expulsion, they both earned her respect and confessed that she might have been a little to rash at some of her students. Maybe even the drollest monster can become the scariest Scarer. She gives them her farewell, explains that all of the other Oozma Kappas are welcomed back at Scaring Class, and can not do any more but to wish them good luck in the future. She then takes off. Mike and Sulley don't know what to do now. For the first time, Mike has no plan for his life. But then, they both have an idea of how they still can work in Monsters, Inc. They do it the hard way - together - and start at the very bottom of the ladder: In the Post Office, where they meet the Abominable Snowman for the first time. He instructs them, that they should never peek into other monsters' letters, because the punishment for doing so is banishment (maybe a rule he should have taken more to his heart himself...).

Mike and Sulley are seen happy in the Post Office. Meanwhile, pictures of Mike and Sulley climbing up the career ladder are shown. They worked as janitors and kitchen assistants, until they entered the training program for Scarers, similar to the one seen in the beginning of Monsters, Inc. Mike is seen without his cap, but instead with his operator-helmet on his head at the Scare Floor, his new workplace. It's his and Sulley's first day. Their dreams finally came true - maybe not as they have imagined, but they are happy with what they have.

In the credits, a series of actualized Scare Cards of the Monsters that became Scarers after graduating are shown, featuring the Oozma Kappa members, Chet Alexander, Randall Boggs, Rosie Levin and Johnny Worthington. However, Johnny does not end up working for Monsters, Inc. He goes to another company.

In a post-credits scene, the slug monster from the beginning of the movie finally arrives at his classroom, only to discover that the school year has already ended and he has missed every single class. He then begins his presumably excruciatingly slow journey home.

Voice Cast


Pete Docter did not return to direct the prequel.[19] It was confirmed during a Cars 2 press open house that Dan Scanlon (the co-director of the short film Mater and the Ghostlight) would be the director.[20]

Monsters University
Concept of Mike
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The film was originally going to be released on November 16, 2012, but was pushed back to November 2 to avoid competition with another film, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. It was finally set for a release on June 21, 2013.

In 2005, Disney had set up Circle 7 Animation to produce sequels to Pixar films. Work was started on a Monsters, Inc. sequel. In 2006 however, following Pixar's acquisition by Disney, all projects of Circle 7 animation were cancelled and the studio closed. Circle 7's version of the sequel, called "Monsters, Inc. 2: Lost in Scaradise" would have seen Mike and Sulley, who after realizing Boo has moved, are trapped in the Human world in the quest of finding her back.[21]

A sequel made by Pixar was confirmed in 2010. In January 2011, rumors surfaced that Monsters, Inc. 2 was going to be a prequel to Monsters, Inc., saying that the film would follow Mike and Sulley when they were at the Monstropolis University of Fear, and how they go from being enemies to best friends.[22][23] These rumors were confirmed soon after.[24]

Monster-University-D23 510
Dan Scanlon and production designer Ricky Nierva show a concept sketch of Sulley and Mike at the D23 Expo.

On August 12, 2011, Billy Crystal attended a 20th anniversary screening of City Slickers. When asked about his return to the role of Mike Wazowski he replied, “That’s why I’m a little hoarse. I spent five-and-a-half hours today for our fourth session on Monsters, Inc. 2." Crystal says that he and co-star John Goodman are having a blast together and describes the script as "really great" and "hilarious". Crystal also gave little details of the plot of the film saying, “It’s college pranks with monsters. And I wear a retainer. Mike has a retainer."[25] Dan Scanlon, Crystal and Ricky Nierva were present at the D23 Expo talking about the film and showcasing concept and development sketches. Scanlon pointed out that this time, Sulley is not as bulky as he was in the first movie, and Mike is smaller. "We all looked a little different when we were in college. Mike we made a little smaller to either straighten or loosen his teeth. I’m not really sure what the desired effect is in the monster world." John Goodman did not attend the expo. Crystal said, "College is a long way away for me, but bringing this world together at Pixar, where only this could happen, it’s hilarious, it’s funny, and different from anything you could possibly imagine that Monsters Inc. could become."[26]

On December 3, 2012, Georgian Progressive Metal band Mastodon announced via their Twitter page that they were writing a song for the film.[27] The soundtrack was released by Walt Disney Records on June 18, 2013.[28]

The plot of Monsters University details Mike and Sulley's first meeting, but this created a continuity error from the first film in which Mike tells Sulley that he has been jealous of his looks since the fourth grade. Director Dan Scanlon said he had a dilemma with this line during pre-production, but he believed it was best if Mike and Sulley meet in college because, "we wanted to see their relationship develop when they were adults. And we also felt like college is so much about self-discovery and figuring out who you are." He added, "It felt like the perfect place to do this, but we had that line. So we tried versions where they met young and then we skipped ahead to college. And we knew we didn't want to make Monsters Elementary." Scanlon said during pre-production that, "Pete Docter, the original director, and John Lasseter ... finally said to me, 'it's great that you're honouring that, but you have to do what's right for the story.' So we made a tough decision to just have them be in college and put that line aside." Scanlon also said the line from the first film is, "an old monster expression" and "That's what monsters always say to each other."[29][30][31]

Monsters University is the first Pixar film that used global illumination, a new lighting system introduced as part of the overhaul of the rendering system used since the first Toy Story film. In the planning stage of the film, director of photography, Jean-Claude Kalache, asked "What if we made these lights just work?" Before the new system, artists had to build reflections and shadows manually, which became increasingly complex as the models and the setups became more technologically advanced. The new lighting system uses ray tracing, a technique that imitates the behaviour of the light in the real world; this automatized the process, delivered more realism, produced soft shadows, and let the artist spend more time on models and complex scenes—some of which contained thousands of light sources.[32][33]

For research, the filmmakers visited several colleges in the U.S., including Harvard University, Stanford University, and the University of Alabama, observing college architecture, student life, Greek organizations, and the teaching methods of professors and faculty.[34][35][36] To research fraternity life, which is central to the film, many of the film's producers spent several weeks at a fraternity house.[35]


Webseite monsters university
The Monsters University website
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The teaser trailer for the film was released online on June 20, 2012 and was screened in theaters with Brave. Four versions of the teaser were released, each featuring Mike saying a different line in his sleep. Each of the four versions were released by a different news outlet, namely YouTube, Itunes Trailers, Yahoo! Movies and The Huffington Post. The versions are "My pony made the deans list" (link), "I can't go to class, I'm not wearing any clothes" (link), "My homework ate my dog" (link) and "Class President - ha, ha, ha, ha" (link).

In October 2012, Disney/Pixar started a viral campaign by launching a complete, fully functional website for the Monsters University. The website covers all subjects of a real university website, and includes a store where related merchandise can be bought. In addition, the first TV commercial for the film was aired during the 2013 Rose Bowl Game, parodying ads that participating schools air during college football telecasts.[37] On April Fool's Day, the website was change to look like it had been hacked and vandalized by Fear Tech, Monsters University's rival school. The colors were changed to orange and Fear Tech symbols would invade the screen upon clicking.

Another viral website surfaced in March 2013. Called The Grumblr, it takes the form of a tumblr blog who would be run by a student at Monsters University.

At the occasion of the NCAA March Madness, ESPN presented a short clip showing Monsters University players violently reacting as their team gets eliminated from the competition.[38] This clip was subsequently posted on the Grumblr.[39]

An extended preview of the film was released on February 8, 2013,[40] followed by a full-length trailer for the UK on February 11, 2013,[41] and a clip shown on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon[42] two days later.

On February 15, 2013, another college ad parody was released that showed a few new scenes from the film. The video was entitled "A Message from the Dean."[43]

An all-new sneak peek of the film was released on the Monsters, Inc. 3D Blu-ray on February 19, 2013.[44][45]

On February 20, 2013, new character posters, and Student and Faculty ID cards were released.[46]

On March 8, 2013, a Japanese trailer was released, revealing a little Mike,[47][48] and new plot details - with one animator from Pixar going so far as to attest that it "spoils the entire movie."[49]

On March 23, 2013, another TV spot was shown at the Kids' Choice Awards.[50]

Another clip was released on May 23, 2013.[51]

Seven more clips were released on June 6, 2013.[52]

From June 27 until July 11, 2013, Disney's online game Club Penguin hosted a Monsters University Takeover event to promote the film. Players could dress up as their favorite monsters and take part in the Scare Games.[53]


Monsters University had its worldwide premiere on June 5, 2013, as a special screening at BFI Southbank in London with the director and producer in attendance.[54] The film had its Asian premiere as the opening film of the 2013 Shanghai International Film Festival on June 15, 2013.[55] It premiered in the United States on June 8, 2013, at the Seattle International Film Festival,[55] and was released in theaters on June 21, 2013. The film's theatrical release was accompanied by Pixar's short film titled The Blue Umbrella.[7] Monsters University was released in the United Kingdom on July 12, 2013.

Monsters University was released by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment on Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, DVD, digital copy and on demand on October 29, 2013. It was accompanied by The Blue Umbrella, Pixar's short film which played alongside the film in theaters.[56]


Critical response

Monsters University has received mainly positive reviews from critics. The film has a 78% approval rating on the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, based on 177 reviews with an average rating of 6.8/10. According to that website's critical consensus, the film "doesn't scale the heights of Pixar's finest efforts, but Monsters University is still funny and thoughtful family entertainment for viewers of any age."[57] Another review aggregator, Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 top reviews from mainstream critics, calculated a score of 65 based on 41 reviews.[58]

Matt Zoller Seitz of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film four stars out of four, saying it "is true to the spirit of [Monsters Inc.] and matches its tone. But it never seems content to turn over old ground."[59] Trevor Johnston of Time Out gave the film four stars out of five, writing, "It has enough of the right stuff to haunt the imagination long after the immediate buzz of its fluffy-furred cuteness has melted away. For a mere prequel, that's a result."[60] Steven Rea of The Philadelphia Inquirer gave the film three stars out of four, and said it "is cute, and funny, and the animation, though not exactly inspired, is certainly colorful."[61] Jake Coyle of the Associated Press gave the film three stars out of four, saying it "might not be as gifted as some of its other movies, but sometimes it's alright to be OK."[62] Peter Travers of Rolling Stone gave the film three stars out of four, and said, "It's all infectious fun, despite the lack of originality. In the art of tickling funny bones, Crystal and Goodman earn straight A's."[63] Richard Corliss of Time gave the film a positive review, saying, "This minor film with major charms still deserves to have kids dragging their parents to the multiplex for one more peek at the monsters in the closet. With Pixar, familiarity breeds content."[64]

Bill Goodykoontz of The Arizona Republic gave the film three and a half stars out of five and said it is "one of those movies that has absolutely no reason to exist, but once you've seen it, you're kind of glad it does."[65] Alan Scherstuhl of The Village Voice gave the film a positive review, saying, "Monsters University feels not like the work of artists eager to express something but like that of likable pros whose existence depends on getting a rise out the kids. It's like the scares Sully and Mike spring on those sleeping tykes: technically impressive but a job un-anchored to anything more meaningful."[66] Claudia Puig of USA Today gave the film three stars out of four, and said it "may not be as inventive as Inc., but it's an amusing and amiable addition to Pixar's roster of animated coming-of-age stories."[67] Michael O'Sullivan of The Washington Post gave the film three stars out of four, saying, "It may be children’s terror that powers the movie’s fictional universe, but it’s the energy of its stars that lights up Monsters University."[68] Chris Nashawaty of Entertainment Weekly gave the film an A−, and said it "is exactly the rebound Pixar needed after 2011's Cars 2 left some wondering if the studio had lost its magic. The delightful story of when Mike met Sulley puts those concerns to rest."[69] James Berardinelli of ReelViews gave the film three stars out of four, and wrote, "Although it falls short of the best Pixar has brought to the screen over its long association with Disney, it's nevertheless worth a trip to the theater, especially for kids."[70]

The film was not without its detractors, though. Richard Roeper gave the film two and a half stars out of five, saying "This is a safe, predictable, edge-free, nearly bland effort from a studio that rarely hedges its bets."[71] Rene Rodriguez of the Miami Herald gave the film two stars out of five, and wrote that it "feels half-hearted and lazy, like they weren't even trying. At least show a little effort, guys."[72] Ty Burr of The Boston Globe gave the film two-and-a-half stars out of four, and said, "This is not a bad movie, and to small children it will be a very good one, but it’s closer to average than one would wish from the company that gave us Up, WALL•E, The Incredibles, and the Toy Story series."[73] Manohla Dargis of The New York Times gave the film two-and-a-half stars out of five and wrote, "Both the originality and stirring emotional complexity of Monsters, Inc., with its exquisitely painful and touching parallels with the human world, are missing."[74] Stephen Whitty of the Newark Star-Ledger gave the film two-and-a-half stars out of four, and said, "The artwork is accomplished, and intricate. The G-rating is genuine, without any gross-out gags. And there's none of the usual winks to the adults with tired, pop-culture references."[75]

Leonard Maltin of IndieWire praised the animation and art direction, but wrote that he wished "the movie was funnier and wasn't so plot-heavy" and that "Pixar has raised the bar for animated features so high that when they turn out a film that’s merely good, instead of great, they have only themselves to blame for causing critics to damn them with faint praise."[76] Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune gave the film two stars out of four, saying, "Monsters University, the weirdly charmless sequel to the animated 2001 Pixar hit Monsters, Inc., is no better or worse than the average (and I mean average) time-filling sequel cranked out by other animation houses."[77] Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter gave the film a negative review, saying that it "never surprises, goes off in unexpected directions or throws you for a loop in the manner of the best Pixar stories. Nor does it come close to elating through the sheer imagination of its conceits and storytelling."[78]

Box office

Monsters University earned $268,492,764 in North America, and $475,066,843 elsewhere, summing up to a worldwide total of $743,559,607. It is the fifty-fourth highest-grossing film,[79] the fourth highest-grossing 2013 film,[4] the third highest-grossing Pixar film,[80] and the eleventh highest-grossing animated film. The film earned $136.9 million worldwide on its opening weekend.[81] Disney declined to provide a budget for the film; Entertainment Weekly speculated that it was higher than that of Brave ($185 million), mainly because of the high cost of John Goodman and Billy Crystal reprising their roles.[82] Shockya, a subsidiary website of CraveOnline, estimated the budget to be $200 million—on par with Toy Story 3 and Cars 2.[3]

North America

In the week leading to Monsters University's release, Disney projected an opening weekend gross of at least $70 million.[83] The film opened on Friday, June 21, 2013 in first place with $30.47 million –including $2.6 million in 20:00 Thursday night shows–[84] marking the fifth largest opening day among animated films.[85] The film then reached first place with an opening-weekend gross of $82.43 million; the second largest among Pixar films,[86] the second largest among G-rated films,[87] the fourth largest among prequels,[88] the fifth largest among animated films,[89] and the fifth largest among films released in June.[90] Monsters University remained at first place on its second weekend, declining 45% to $45.6 million.[91] Facing tough competition from Despicable Me 2 on its third weekend, it dropped 57% to $19.7 million.[92] As of December 2013, it is the tenth highest-grossing animated film.[93]

Outside North America

The film earned $54.5 million in 35 markets on its opening weekend.[86] It set a Disney·Pixar opening-weekend record in Latin America with revenues of $31.7 million.[94] In Argentina, the film set an opening weekend record among all films with $5.49 million.[95][96] In Australia, where it had a simultaneous release with Despicable Me 2, Monsters University debuted behind the latter with $3.56 million in third place.[97] In Hong Kong, the film set opening-day (HK$5.03 million),[98] single-day (HK$7.93 million) and opening-weekend (HK$25.79 million) records among animated films, beating the previous record holder, Toy Story 3.[99] In the UK, the film topped the box office during its opening weekend with a gross of GB£3.46 million.[100] The film's largest opening occurred in China, where its $13 million debut ranked fourth among Disney films.[101][102] The film's highest-grossing markets are Japan ($90.1 million), the UK, Ireland, and Malta ($47.2 million), and Mexico ($37.6 million).[102]


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TV Spots and Other Clips

University Parodies


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