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Metroville as it appears in the video game

Metroville (also known as "The City of Metroville") is a city where Bob Parr and his family live.


Some of the locations in Metroville include:

Downtown area

The downtown area of Metroville is where the Incredible family fight Syndrome's Omnidroid.

Parr Family Residence

See Parr Family Residence.

Metroville Elementary School

See Metroville Elementary School

Western View Junior High

See Western View Junior High

Burning Building

This burning building is where Bob Parr and Lucius Best go to save people from while disguised as bank robbers, complete with ski masks over their faces.

Railroad Yard

This is where Mr. Incredible goes to test his strength by lifting two freight cars.

E's Mansion

See E's Mansion

Lucius Best's apartment

This is the apartment where Lucius Best/Frozone and his wife Honey (not seen, only her voice is heard) live.


  • Metroville is thought to be a combination of the two towns that Superman has lived in: Metropolis and Smallville.

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