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Performer: Michael Keaton
Appeared in: Cars

Chick Hicks is the main antagonist in Cars.


Hicks is in a three-way tie with The King and Lightning McQueen and is attempting to win the Piston Cup. His nickname is The Runner-Up as he seems to always lose to The King. He also has the reputation of not racing fairly:

"Chick Hicks is a racing veteran with a chip on his shoulder. He's a ruthless competitor who has cheated his way into more second place finishes than any other car. He's been counting down the seasons to The King's retirement so that he can take over the coveted Dinoco sponsorship, but he never expected such fierce competition from hot shot rookie Lightning McQueen."[1]

"In McQueen's worst nightmares, not only does Chick win the Piston Cup, but he also wins over Dinoco as well."[1]

Chick's primary sponsor is the Hostile Takeover Bank (htB). His car number is 86, which refers to the year "Luxo Jr." was released.

In the championship Piston Cup, Chick ties with The King and Lightning, forcing the three racers to compete in a tiebreaker race. While mocking Lightning, Lightning retaliates by nicknaming him "Thunder", as thunder always comes after lightning, much to Chick's intense annoyance. However, he later shows off with this new nickname after Lightning disappears in Radiator Springs, wooing his fans and stealing Lightning's. During the final race, he makes numerous attempts to force Lightning out of the race, only to be outrun by him in spite of it. During the final lap, he intentionally sideswipes The King, making him spin out of control and crash. When Lightning sees what has happened to The King, he stops before crossing the finish line and goes back to help The King across the line, allowing Chick to win first place and the Piston Cup. However, nobody cheers him on, instead cheering on Lightning for helping The King. The fans then turn on Chick, causing him to have to make a quick getaway with his trophy and making him realize the "Chick Era" just ended as soon as it started.

It is unknown what happens to Chick afterwards, but it appears that he has been denied the sponsorship by Dinoco, as Tex instead tries to offers it to Lightning for his good sportsmanship.



  • Chick Hicks has 334 decals on him.
  • Chick Hicks wants to end up in first place and hates ending up in second place, which is similar to Randall.
  • Chick is a 1979 Shyster Cremlin, a car that does not exist. It is designed after a 1987 Buick Grand National.
  • Chick's number, 86, could come from 1986, the year Pixar was established.
  • Even though he didn't appear in Cars 2, you can download him onto Cars 2: The Video Game.
  • On his right door, there is a picture of the Marshy-Marshmellows logo. This is mostly the same company which was seen in A Bug's Life under the name of "Joel's Marshy Marshmellows."




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